Version 2.6.0 Released (and fixed!)

Post date: Jan 06, 2020 9:12:16 PM

Update Jan 6 2020, 8:pm EST Canada:The originally posted download file contained a bug that made the new libraries that rely on the pure virtual 'Print::write( )' function completely useless!! (to quote Homer Simpson: D'oh !!! ) -- is the corrected file.

Withe the new year comes a new version, with fully updated translations and help files. There are a number of bug fixes, and several important new features:

1) The ability to traverse the call stack (to climb up into caller functions, and climb back down again).

2) Code Pane highlighting for error-line (red), ready-to-go-line (green), and neutral-line (neither)--also applies in Edit/View.

3) Several new devices for character LCD display, plus a new pulsed-Stepper Motor device (the ability to specify inertial and torque loads on both types of Stepper motor has been added too).

4) New 'include_Sys' and 'include_3rdParty' folders in the install directory that contain supporting library code that can be stepped into (for user and 3rd party objects).

5) With non-English languages, the translated help files (found in the '\translations' folder) now pop up properly (instead of just the default English versions).

Usage Note: I recommend that you run UnoArduSim after switching to a 'high-contrast' or 'dark' operating system theme, as the usual light Windows themes wash out the new colour highlighting in the Code Pane.


Stan Simmons