V2.8.0 Released

Post date: Jun 03, 2020 9:52:58 PM

OK, took a bit more time to test fully -- all god to go now and posted under Simulator Dowload. There are two minor fixes to the V2.8 version that I had temporarily posted May 31(until I spotted a minor issue). After downloading and extracting V2.8.0, please note that older versions (V2.7.1 and V2.6) accidentally contained a stray 'release' folder (containing *.o files) that should not have been there, and you can safely delete it (the V2.8.0 zip contains no such folder).

Version 2.8.0 includes the usual bug fixes (documented under the Help menu and in the updated Help files), and fixes a more-problematic bug that was inadvertently introduced with V2.7 changes -- if you loaded (or edited and then accepted or compiled) a program that contained an '#include' line , and also had a minor Parse issue somewhere in the main program itself (that would have created a warning pop-up only, but would not have been a Parse error) -- my highlighting code attempted to colour-highlight a line in the wrong buffer (the '#include'd one) and could cause a crash (even without the pop-up appearing). My apologies for my failure to catch that earlier.

Other fixes were made for the 7SEG and LED4 devices that could cause some mysterious crashes prior to V2.8.0 (blanking their first pin had failed to detach their other hidden pins).

On a happier note, in addition to the Uno, V2.8 now supports the Mega board with its increased RAM memory, and extra serial ports and interrupts. The PROGIO Uno slave device now has mapped pins that can be specified in the IODevs.txt file in order to connect to the Mega board (see the Full Help file for an explanation) . That's the major upgrade introduced by V2.8

Thanks to all those who reported bug issues!


Stan Simmons