V2.9.2 Release plus Q2WDBotSim

Post date: Jul 08, 2021 4:56:41 PM

V2.9.2 contains minor bug fixes, plus a new "What is This?" feature to assist with getting better translations for specific menu items, and for pop-up message box texts. Click the What-Is-This toolbar icon (or click the corresponding Help menu item) to enter "What Is This" mode -- now clicking on a menu item or message text will pop up its explanation in English, and you can then use the Copy link to copy that text onto the Windows clipboard, from where you will be able to paste it into your preferred translator web page tp get the explanation in your preferred language.

Version 2.9.2 also includes Q2WDBotSim.exe, a bonus application (in English-only for now) with which you can practice programming to control a model for a real-life two-wheel-drive (2WD) robot with gripper used in Queen's Electrical & Computer Engineering laboratories. It has two challenge play fields: an introductory one based on pivoting the Bot on a holding pin, and throwing a grasped ball as far as possible in a commanded direction, and the other based on seeking and grabbing balls off ledges, and navigating to drop them into a goal cup to score (this was used in a time-trial knockout competition at Queen's to determine an overall trophy-winning lab group).