V2.5.0 Released

Post date: Oct 03, 2019 6:22:13 PM

This version fixes some minor bugs and add support for the TFT.h library (and PImage.h) , plus a new TFT I/O device, so you can draw shapes and lines, display small BMP images, and draw text in a standard ACSII font on a simulated AdafruitTM thin-film-transistor 128-by-160 pixel LCD display screen . Text auto-completion in Edit/View (requested using ALT-right-arrow) has been improved.

As I have not found the time yet to update translations, any user program error messages when using the newly added TFT.h and PImage.h capabilities are shown in English only, although all other older messages are still in the user language chosen in Preferences. Similarly, Help files have been updated to describe the new TFT device, and to add new Bug fixes andChnages for V2.5.0, but those new sections are only in English for now. I hope to ad these soon to V2.5.1