V1.6.1 Removed

Post date: Sep 21, 2016 8:26:36 PM

A recent (apparently August 3016) Windows Defender update continues to falsely detect my posted V.1.6.1 version as containing "Trojan:Win32/Maltule.C!cl " -- even after a September 16 simple recompile/relink seemed to temporarily fix that ( only the 3 bytes of file-date changed in the exe file's 929792 bytes). I have used a binary tool to check that none of the actual executable bytes (nor their count) have changed since I first created the executable file on August 25, and the Visual C++ tool I am using is also clearly not the problem since later V1.6.2 and V.1.6.3 produced with the same tool pass virus checks (as do earlier posted versions).

If you Google " false positive Trojan:Win32/Maltule.C!cl ", you will see reports of false detections from many users, even on commercial software. I have also submiitted the originally posted zip file (which I have also attached below if you wish to test it yourself) to https://www.virustotal.com and it comes back as clean on all checks!

I have decided to simply remove that posted V1.6.1 version from the Simulator Download page to avoid Windows Defender scaring users about it, and I will be contacting Microsoft about this issue.