Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Located at the heart of the Bannatyne campus, the University of Manitoba Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a multi-user facility that provides a wide range of flow cytometry-based services. Our state-of-the-art multi-laser multi-application flow cytometry analyzers and sorter gives researchers like you the capability to design and perform multicolor assays that best suits your needs with high efficiency and high-quality. With our hands-on training program, you will quickly be able to perform flow cytometry techniques on your own using our flow cytometry instruments and specialized analytical software. Our dedicated personnel are always here to offer you full-time technical support on experimental setup, troubleshooting and project design. We also provide sample preparation and acquisition, data analysis and cell sorting services upon request.

Services are provided on fee-for-use basis and are available for both internal and external users in academia research and private sector. Contact Dr. Christine Zhang for more details if you are interested.

Check out the following link where Dr. Christine Zhang gave a brief overview of our flow cytometry core facility at a live session hosted by Canadian Cytometry and Microscopy Association (05'32"-13'56" of the video)