F-500 World Championship round 2018 in Jedovnice

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Third round of F-500 World Championship was raced in Jedovnice (CZE.) together with European Championship of F-350 and FR-1000. All three heats were won by Marian Jung SVK, who now leads World Championship before last round in Boretto. Even Attila Havas AUT rolled over at the beginning of second heat, he succeeded to take second position and still has good chance for battle for title. Marcin Zielinski POL is now back for fight for medal. He was third in Jedovnice and only one point behind italian Giuseppe Rossi, who had not best weekend in Jedovnice. 

Claudio Fanzini ITA took his second title this year in F-350. Now he is also European Champion. In FR-1000 European Champion title was taken by Ieva Millere LAT, even she missed one round.

Claudio Fanzini is now European and World Champion in F-350 in 2018.

Roll over by Attila Havas.

F-500 World Championship 2018 round in Cremona

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At time trials local driver Giuseppe Rossi set good time already at first laps and stopped trying. At the very last lap of time trials Marian Jung from Slovakkia succeeded to beat Rossi with minimal possible time difference 0.01 seconds and got best position for first heat. This was very important for the race as Marian Jung kept Giuseppe Rossi behind him at first heat first turn and finally won whole race. Attila Havas, representing Austria, won second position at the World Championship round even had big technical challenges. Third was finally Giuseppe Rossi. 

F-250 World Championship round 2018, Kriebstein

posted 30 Sep 2018, 05:54 by Vahur Joala

Race was won by Claudio Fanzini from Italy who now leads World Championship with full points before last round in Boretto.

Hydro GP 2018, Ternopil, Ukraine

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First Hydro GP, planned in 2018 in Boretto, was cancelled because of bad river conditions. Therefore first Hydro GP event in 2018 was held just in the end of August in together with local national and city celebrations. 42 drivers from 14 nations arrived to the nice city of Ternopil. For F-250 and F-500 this was first round of the World Championships and for F-125 this was already second round. Finally on the podium were drivers from 8 diferent nations. Biggest surprise for everybody was Milen Marinov (Bulgaria) winning of F-500 class. This was very first podium for Milen and suddenly he was winner too. He won two heats from three. Another surprise was Sebastian Kecinski (Poland) first position in F-125. In F-250 italian drivers showed again their great performance. Winner was last year World Champion Claudio Fanzini, when Marco Malaspina was third and Andrea Ongari fourth. Only Peter Bodor from Hungary really competed against Italians being finally second position.

Winners in Ternopil 2018

Milen Marinov, Bulgaria. First time winning F-500 World Championship round.

F-125 World Championship I round 2018, San Nazzaro, Italy

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Fourteen drivers from two continents arrived to Italy and raced for UIM F-125 World Championship 2018. This year is first of UIM history, when F-125 World Championship title will be decided as series of races. First winner was Erik Aaslav-Kaasik from Estonia, who won all three heats. Young italian sportsmen Luca Finotti took second position in overall and last year World Champion Henryk Synoracki was third.

F-125 results from San Nazzaro 2018

O-700 European Championship 2018, Znin, Poland

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Not many O-700 drivers raced in Znin for UIM O-700 European Championship. Winner was Marcin Zielinski from Poland, for whom this title was first UIM title in his career. Marcin Zielinski won three starts. Second was Marian Jung from Slovakia and third Robert Hencz from Slovakia.

Marcin Zielinski, Poland. UIM European Champion in O-700.

F-125 European Championship 2018, Chodziez, Poland

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Best F-125 drivers had interesting race in Poland for European Championship. Three heats were won by Erik Aaslav-Kaasik from Estonia. Second was World Champion from 2017, local driver, Henryk Synoracki. Bronze medal was taken bay polish driver Sebastian Kecinski.

Erik Aaslav-Kaasik, Estonia.

Results of F-125 European Championship 2018

O-350 World Championship 2018, Barcis, Italy

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Best O-350 pilots from all over the World arrived to the beautiful Barcis in Italy. Claudio Fanzini from Italy was unbeatable at the race with three clear wins. This was already second World title in O-350 for Fanzini. Only two USA drivers actually were able to compete against italian best drivers. Amy Nydahl was quick, but unlucky. Her brother Kurtis Nydahl raced perfectly and got silver medal, first UIM medal for him. Also for bronze medal winner Marco Malaspina from Italy, medal was first from World Championships.

Claudio Fanzini, Italy

O-350 podium in Barcis 2018.

World Champions 2017 got awards

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UIM Award Giving Gala was held in Monaco already ninth time.
More than 400 persons from more than 60 countries witnessed glory of powerboating.

UIM O-classes World Champions 2017. From the left: Claudio Fanzini (ITA, O-250), Alessandro Cremona (ITA, O-350), Rasmus Haugasmägi (EST, OSY-400), Attila Havas (AUT, F-500).

UIM champions 2017 in O-classes

posted 21 Sep 2017, 11:09 by Vahur Joala   [ updated 21 Sep 2017, 11:11 ]

UIM World Championship 2017
O-125 Henryk Synoracki POL
O-250 Claudio Fanzini ITA
O-350 Alessandro Cremona ITA
F-500 Attila Havas AUT
UIM European Championship 2017
F-125 Marek Peeba EST
F-250 Peter Bodor HUN
F-350 David Loukotka CZE
O-500 Giuseppe Rossi ITA
O-700 Marian Jung SVK

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