Oldest still existing outboard class, where powerful 500ccm methanol engine is used. World speed record for this class is 171,67 km/h, but currently quickest drivers are having even higher speed at the races. Hull is composite catamaran, where 3000N safety cockpit is mandatory. Boat has no breaks and driver has for control over the boat wheel, throttle, powertrim and powerlift. Also changing of the length of the exhaust pipes is used to get best possible performance.
Hydroplane type hull with 250 ccm methanol engine gives to these drivers extreme performance boat on the water with world record speed 180,69 km/h. Drivers are using powerlift and exhausting pipes length changing to achieve highest possible performance on the water. To make safe turns possible, in the bottom of the hull is fixed fin. To give drivers safety, boats have safety boards, covered with Kevlar.
Smallest outboard class with one cylinder methanol engine up to 128 ccm. Despite of very small engine, boats are relatively quick with world speed record 135,696 km/h. Class is youngest in the HydroGP family with equipment affordable for many powerboat enthusiasts. Therefore class is still growing in popularity and gives great opportunity for drivers who want to move to the bigger and faster classes. Still it is great class for the best experienced drivers.