Next event: Jedovnice, Czech Republic. 20.-22.5.2022, Hydro GP

Best of the powerboating

Hydro GP races are most thrilling events in powerboating. Here is money not talks so much. Drivers and mechanics are doing most of technical works. They try to have best hull, engine, popeller and they try to tune equipment into great performance. You need to be good sportsmen to win. Driver needs also good team as their help in the start is crucial. And driver needs some luck to win. One heat takes 8-12 minutes, but drivers are tired after this. Powerboating is unlike car driving on the circuit has every turn different, even it is same turn of the course. Waves and wind are making driving extremely challenging. Come and see us! We promise, you are going to love it!

What is Hydro GP?

    • Three classes have 4 rounds in one season.

    • F-500 as series for World Championship can have additionally 2 rounds for championship.

    • F-250 and F-125 have up to 4 rounds for World Championship as from 2018.

    • Every round has for all classes three heats. Winner is driver who collects most points in these three heats.

    • Heat winner gets 400 points. Next one get 75% of the winner points and so on. Therfore second gets 300 points, third 225 etc. So 20 best are getting points.

    • Winner of the round gets for overall results 20 points. Second in the round collects 17 points. Next ones are getting 15,13,11,10,9,8,7, 6,5,4,3,2,1 points

    • Driver who collects most of the points in sum of all rounds is going to be champion.

    • There are special rules for safety, environment, weight etc.

    • There are also single race championships for these boat classes.

    • It is UIM series for outboard classes for circuit races with no limit in working with engines to make them as powerful as possible. Engines are using methanol as fuel.