Character Chart


Shortly after the setting we are introduced to the novel's two main characters, Lennie and George. Read this passage again carefully with your teacher and then discuss in pairs what the characters are like.

Using the opening pages of the text and the Character Outline sheets, choose what you think are the ten best descriptions of the characters and write them down in the first set of smaller boxes on the sheet. Now, look at the descriptions that you have written and try to explain their meaning (what the writer might be suggesting). Write the meanings down in the big boxes attached to the descriptions.

An example of how to fill in a box with a description and its meaning has been given for Lennie. He is described as 'shapeless', but in what ways is Lennie 'shapeless'? Try to find out what the writer might be suggesting. For this example, Lennie is 'shapeless' in more than one sense. Physically, he is a big man but not defined or muscular like George, who has shape. Emotionally, Lennie is also 'shapeless' since he has little sense of direction in life, and is reliant upon George to support him (such as looking after his work permit because Lennie would lose it).

Character Outline Lennie

Character Outline George