Abstract for the Big Q Presentation

Before the presentation:

Day 1:
  1. Identify the question you are presenting.
  2. What is your initial response/opinion to it? Write an explanation and call it Initial View of BQ #__.
Day 2 (do research in the library): 
  1. What three philosophers have you chosen to use in the presentation? Choose philosophers that take different sides of the question and not just your own.
  2. What works will you be citing from the philosophers? Include bibliographic info. 
Day 3:
  1. How are you presenting this work to the class?
  2. What roles will each person take during the presentation? 
  3. What alternate plans do you have for an absent team member on that day?
  4. Prepare an interesting survey question and lead a seminar that explores answers to it on Day 5.
Day 4:

Write a short essay that draws some conclusions about your view about the big question:
  • Did your opinion change? How? What influenced you to change your mind?
  • Did your opinion not change? What influenced you to hold to your initial view?
Call the essay Drawing Conclusions about Big Question # ___.

Day 5: 

Lead a seminar on your question.