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UCS Picnic - Aug 12
Cost-  $7 per person
Moon Festival Dinner
September 16, Jade Dynasty

Details TBD
"Old Membership Book"  (1925-87)
114 Hakka family names, Chai-Zen

General Membership -- 2018 Meeting Schedule
 Q1-Honolulu Museum of Art
 Program: Our Chinese Heritage in the   Arts, by Dr. Nancy Whitman, TTA President, lead a 20-30 minute group tour.

 Q2-UH Manoa, Moore Hall, Rm 106       MAP
  1. 2018 TTA Scholarship Award
  2. Program: 
Chinese Culture Through Chinese Filmby Dr. Cynthia Ning, Acting Director Center for Chinese Studies Link to Fb video
 Q3-Forshang Garden, 2616 Pali Hwy,   (Old Walker Estate)  Location/Map
Program: Cooking Demonstration by  
 Lynette Lo Tom
 Q4-TTA Clubhouse
  1.  Program: 12:30 "Hakka Immigration Experience in Hawaii", by Douglas Chong, President, Hawaii Chinese History Center.
  2. Nominating Committee Election 
 General Election Meeting -
 TTA Clubhouse

 Presentation:  TBD
 Annual Assembly Mtg -TTA Clubhouse
 Installation of 2019 Officers
 Christmas Party

UCS Annual Picnic - August 12, 2018
Please join The Congress of Chinese Societies, United Family Day Picnic on August 12, 2018.  
TTA members - Reserve your tickets( $7 each) with Keith Lim (342-7208) or Nancy Whitman (988-3398) by July 22, 2018. Send payments to Tsung Tsin Association 1159 Maunakea St., Honolulu HI 96817.  

Activity Fee Reminder ** Your annual support is appreciated!! **

The annual $5 activity fee helps to defray operating costs of the TTA

Note: The United Chinese Society (UCS) of Hawaii is the umbrella organization for Chinese organizations in the State of Hawaii. It's website includes listings of more than 100 member organizations/officers, and calendar of events that may be of interest to our members and others in the Chinese community. Projects include the annual recognition of Ching Ming, selection of: Model Chinese Mother, Father and Citizen of the Year, plus, the organization of the United Congress Picnic. The UCS also maintains an Immigration Center for the purpose of providing free immigration services to the general community.

TECO CG's Visit to TTA, June 2, 2018

2nd Quarter Meeting, May 20, 2018
UH-Manoa, Moore Hall

                    Presentation  -- "Chinese Culture Through Chinese Film", by Dr. Cynthia Ning
                                                    Link to presentation  (requires facebook login)
Tsung Tsin Association - 2018 Dr. Oliver M. Lee Scholarship Award

2018 Scholarship Awarded to Courtney Choy
L-R: Dr. Nancy Whitman, President, Courtney Choy, Michael Tsang, Scholarship Chair

Spring Banquet March 18, Jade Dynasty

TTA 1st Qtr Meeting, Feb, 2018 @ Honolulu Museum of Art Tour

Taiwan Hakka Visit to TTA-HI

Night in Chinatown. Feb 9, 2018

Classes @ TTA

  • Using "Smart" Apple gadgets iPhone and iPad, Part 3"Date TBD, Open to all
  • How to "Restore Legacy/Scrapbook Photos with Digital Technology" (using Adobe Photoshop), Part 2, Date TBD, Open to all

Annual Assembly - December 3, 2017

Installation of 2018 Officers

Moon Festival
September 16, 2017

Obituary - Dr. Oliver M. Lee

Dr. Oliver Lee, Chinese Secretary for Tsung Tsin Association Honolulu HI, died on May 1, 2017.   Services were held at the Church of the Crossroads on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

Oliver attended, participated and contributed to numerous general membership, adminstrative and management activities keyed to his Chinese background related to reading, writing and speaking abilities plus his knowledge of the processes related to the educational system. 

In the past 8 years, Oliver has been active as Chinese Secretary for TTA and by creating and delivering a series of short lectures on Hakka and Chinese in general, keyed to .. migrations to Hawaii, family origins/names plus notable Hakka leaders in the world.  In all.. 16 lectures were provided at the conclusion of general membership meetings from May 2012 to May 2016.  These classroom style lectures included .. geographic location of "Hakka" settlements, maps, old photos and other graphics with associated narrative.  Also included were lectures on noteworthy Hawaii Chinese family/surnames.   

In addition, at the request of a few TTA members, Oliver created and taught a series of 16 Conversational Hakka classes for a small group of interested TTA members and their families.  These classes were started in July 2015 as Oliver was approaching his 90th birthday and extended into mid 2016. 

When TTA was asked in late 2016 to provide an "Introduction to Hakka" for the 2017 Narcissus Queen contestants, Oliver again willingly created and delivered a one hour lecture with supporting graphics for the appreciative visitors. . 

2017 TTA Scholarship Awarded to Kona Mann
21 May 2017

L > R -- Nancy Whitman, Treasurer; Kona Mann and Michele Choy, Scholarship Chair

Spring Banquet - March 18, 2017

 in Chinatown - January 20, 2017

Annual Assembly - Installation of Officers - Christmas Party
December 4, 2016

Introduction of "Hakka" to 2017 Narcissus Queen Contestants
Tsung Tsin Association, Nov 27, 2016

                                                                                                          Photos by Lance Wong

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Spring Banquet
April 9, 2016

How to Listen to Chinese Music
February 7, 2016

Very interesting talks with demonstrations of Chinese and Javanese music were provided by Professor Fred Lau, Director Center for Chinese Studies and Dean Andy Sutton, School of Pacific and Asian Studies.

Photo credits:  top- L. Chong;  middle & bottom Tam Bao, Hawaii Chinese News

Night in Chinatown -- February 5, 2016

Thank You Letters

Dear Tsung Tsin Association,                                Jan 11, 2016

Happy Year of the Monkey!

We are writing in appreciation for the wonderful research done by Dr. Oliver Lee on the history of Hakka families in Hawaii and in gratitude to Tsung Tsin Association for posting the information on the internet for others to find. Thank you for helping preserve our precious heritage.

My husband is a grandson of On Char and Marguerite Liu Char. We believe On Char’s father Char Loy Kui (also called 谢振能) was born in Dongguan and immigrated to Hawaii in about 1888 with his wife Ng (吳)Shee and a daughter later called Mary. ..........

Scholarship Fundraiser
Click links for additional information
                      A Chinese Cookbook                       Chinese History   Part 1- California & Part 2- Hawaii
                                  $20                                                                 $15/set of 2

The present study is a ground-breaking comparison of Chinese ethnohistory, both Punti and Hakka, in three widely-separated places:  South China, the Hawaiian Islands, and California. Its focus is both chronologically early and non-urban, or rural. It was written by three generations of scholars, two historians and one archaeologist, within a single family. 

Part 1: 
         Part 2: Hawaii 
Parts 1 and 2  are available, as a set at the Tsung Tsin Association

Our member and current Chinese secretary, Oliver Lee, has just published his memoirs. Click on Oliver's Travels to view details.

Oliver Lee is featured in a June 3 Honolulu Star Advertiser article.

Link to CCTV: Secrets of the Fujian Tulou  (homepage for a 5 part video series)

Link to TTA Website Basics page, (includes notes and references used in parts 1-5)

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