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Christmas Party and Installation of 2024 Officers

Tsung Tsin Association Clubhouse

Sunday Dec. 17, 2023 at 10:30am

It’s Potluck!

All Members and their families are invited.

Please RSVP by one of the following:

Text or leave a message at (808) 372-6622


email:    tta.1159.social@gmail.com

Deadline by Dec.13, 2023

TTA 2023 Web Schedule

Dr. Oliver M. Lee Scholarship 


The Tsung Tsin Association of Honolulu, Hawaii is a IRS 501(c)(4) non profit organization with the mission to promote the exchange of knowledge among the Hakka peoples, develop a spirit of cooperation among the Hakka in Hawaii and throughout the world, and promote education, charity and benevolence.

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2023 Officers

Annual Assembly Meeting

December 4, 2022



Saturday, November 19,  2022

By Gary R. Coover — an Illustrated Zoom Webinar with Q&A 

Sponsored by the Tsung Tsin Association of Hawaii

Replay of "Through the Ages: Historic Honolulu Chinatown" Webinar


Honolulu’s Chinatown as been the major focal point of commerce from the early days of Honolulu and has been in a constant state of change and metamorphosis, sometimes gradual, sometimes drastic. It represents a mixed plate of cultures, and closely reflects the many waves of human immigration to Hawaii. In what is expected to be an extremely compelling and fascinating webinar, it will take a look at the past, present and future of Honolulu's Chinatown, all through the lens of the Tsung Tsin Association clubhouse building, which celebrates it's 107-year birthday in 2023. A Question & Answer period will follow the presentation.

Gary R. Coover was previously trained as a licensed civil engineer and has always had an interest in building design and the people that had a hand in creating it. In his recently published book, Honolulu Chinatown: 200 Years of Red Lanterns & Red Lights, he has done some extensive historical research into hundreds of historical buildings in Honolulu's Chinatown from the turn of the 19th Century to the present day.


1.  TO PURCHASE A COPY OF GARY COOVER’S BOOK, “Honolulu Chinatown: 200 Years of Red Lanterns & Red Lights”, go to Amazon here:  


2.  TO OBTAIN A FREE COPY OF GARY’S BOOK AND HELP US AT THE SAME TIME, if you donate $100 or more to the Tsung Tsin Association, you will receive a FREE COPY of Gary’s book as a way of thanking you for supporting us.  Mail your check (please don’t send cash) to:

Tsung Tsin Association

1159 Maunakea Street

Honolulu, HI  96817

Be sure to include information on where you want the book to be sent including the NAME OF THE RECEIPENT, ADDRESS, CITY/STATE and CONTACT INFO (email or phone number) if we have any questions.

3. IF YOU JUST WANT TO DONATE TO OUR BUILDING FUND, mail your check (again, no cash) to the same address and be sure to include your contact info should we have any questions:

Tsung Tsin Association

1159 Maunakea Street

Honolulu, HI  96817

4.  FOR MEMBERSHIP, go to this link on this website and fill in an application and mail with your check to the address on the application.    “If you have any questions, email us at tsungtsinhawaii@gmail.com"


Learn conversation Hakka in this enjoyable and educational series of three (3) online zoom classes, taught by our member and native Hakka speaker Jade Penn.  All classes will be held on a Sunday and run approximately 60 minutes and might run up to 90 minutes.  Start time: 10 am

Zoom Meeting, Meeting ID: 857 3635 6792,  Passcode: 924324   

Direct link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85736356792pwd=K0Ewa1FXVjBrUEEwNUFwYlgzTU50UT09   

Click to view  - 31st  World Hakka Conference page with video clips

Tai Chi Exercise Basics

 TTA 3rd GMM

July 31 2022

Great article on TTA member 

The feature article Generations magazine (Jul/Aug 2022) provides a great article about Dr. Willian "Bill" Won, a Tsung Tsin Association member for many years.   

Direct  access the feature article  

Complete Generations Jul/Aug magazine

lantern festival presentationFeb2022-JP2.ppsx

Chinese New Year

Slides shown @ TTA GMM  " 2/13/2022.

Click arrow to open in a pop out window.  

Use links to view specific topics

Part 1 - Hawaii

Part 2 - California

TTA Webinar

Migration of the 19th Century Hakka and Cantonese people to America.




Sat, August 14 - Part I: Hawaii, 

Sat, August 21 - Part II: California


The fascinating 2-part webinar series about the migration of the 19th Century Hakka and Cantonese people to America.  Part I presented on Saturday, August 14, looks at the Chinese that emigrated to Hawaii and their early experiences there.  Then in Part II on Saturday, August 21, we will examine those who settled in California.  Dr. Brian Dervin Dillon will share some fascinating little known stories of how these two historical paths were so different, offering us further clues in our search for our origins.

Presented by the Tsung Tsin Association of Honolulu in conjunction with the California Family History Group of Southern California (CFHGSC) and the Bay Area Chinese Genealogy Group (BACGG).

Should you have any questions, please contact Ghary Won at tsungtsinhawaii@gmail.com

Night in Chinatown

Jan 17,  2020

   Past TTA GM Meeting Notes

TTA Annual Assembly Meeting, Sunday Dec 15, 2019

Planning - Initial general membership events for 2020


TTA General Election Meeting, Sunday Nov 16, 2019, TTA Clubhouse        

        Planning for Annual Assembly Dec 15. 

        Election of 2020 Officers 

        Initial Planning for TTA Open House, 17 Jan, Night in Chinatown, 

        Cooking demonstration (Steamed Mochi Rice): by Mei Li Leff Taiwan Hakka Association  


    Notes from TTA 4th Qtr Meeting, Sunday Oct 12, 2019, @ TTA Clubhouse

Election of Nominating Committee - 

Anita Wong (Chair), Edwina Lee (Sec), Gary Wong, Linford Chang

Overview of Mid Autumn Banquet finances

Announcement of 2nd TTA scholarship for 2020 


Kieron McCartney/Wing Lai on Medicare in regard to changing laws/regulations and programs, in the context of the various providers in Hawaii, (Lifecare Group 808-728-4380)


   Notes from TTA 3rd Qtr Meeting, Sunday, July 14, 10:30 @ TTA Clubhouse

Special Presentation by Dr. Morris Lai 

  Finding your personal Hakka roots.

Click to access/view or download  -- Dr. Morris Lai's 22 sheet handout

Additional references provided by Dr. Lai

-- Chinese Exclusion Index listing 60,000 provided by Dr Lai.  

Line numbers have been added for the viewer's reference.  

Note: This is 12 meg file.  Download and view with EXCEL. 

         -- Chinese of Hawaii, 2 vol publication, (published in 1929 and 1936).     

                  pdf downloadable files

     Note: These are large files, vol 1, 222 mb and vol 2, 112mb.


United Chinese Society

The United Chinese Society (UCS) of Hawaii is the umbrella organization for Chinese organizations in the State of Hawaii. It's website includes listings of more than 100 member organizations/officers, and calendar of events that may be of interest to our members and others in the Chinese community. Projects include the annual recognition of Ching Ming, selection of: Model Chinese Mother, Father and Citizen of the Year, plus, the organization of the United Congress Picnic. The UCS also maintains an Immigration Center for the purpose of providing free immigration services to the general community.



As part of its 100+ anniversary Tsung Tsin Association will focus on Hakka music—its history and its impact. To this end an interest group on Hakka music is being formed  under the guidance of Dr. Yuanyu  Kuan of UH-Manoa. Dr. Kuan teaches Asian Studies and Music. 

Tsung Tsin Association

Dr. Oliver M. Lee Scholarship Awarded to Jennifer Wong, June 2, 2019

Installation of 2019 Officers, Dec 2 2018

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival September 16, 2018

TTA 3rd Qtr Meeting - July 22, 2018 

Forshang Gardens

Joint meeting with the Taiwan Hakka Association & 

Hakka cooking class by TTA member Lynette Lo Tom

Hakka Dinner, July 7, 2018

TECO CG's Visit to TTA, June 2, 2018

2nd Quarter Meeting, May 20, 2018, UH-Manoa, Moore Hall

2018 Scholarship Awarded to Courtney Choy, (May 20. 2018)

 Dr. Nancy Whitman, President, Courtney Choy, Michael Tsang, Scholarship Chair

Spring Banquet March 18, Jade Dynasty

TTA 1st Qtr Meeting, Feb, 2018 @ Honolulu Museum of Art Tour

Taiwan Hakka Visit to TTA-HI

Night in Chinatown. Feb 9, 2018

Classes @ TTA

Parts 1, California, Introduction and 2, Hawaii, Conclusion are available, as a set at the Tsung Tsin Association.

Chinese History in California and Hawaii

The present study is a ground-breaking comparison of Chinese ethnohistory, both Punti and Hakka, in three widely-separated places:  South China, the Hawaiian Islands, and California. Its focus is both chronologically early and non-urban, or rural. It was written by three generations of scholars, two historians and one archaeologist, within a single family.