Tsubasa Kohyama is a tenure-track assistant professor at the Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan.

He earned his doctorate at the University of Washington in 2017 under supervision of Dennis L. Hartmann,

and then served as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tokyo, working with Hiroaki Miura.

My vision is to understand

how sea surface temperature will respond to climate change, and

how the Earth's climate will respond to the changing sea surface temperature.

Tsubasa Kohyama (神山翼) studies the "response of the sea surface temperature (SST) spatial distribution" (ΔSST) to external forcings such as global warming.

Understanding ΔSST is not only challenging as Earth science, but also important for projecting societal damages due to potential changes in abnormal weather events and tropical cyclones.

In particular, I would like to do good, relevant science to answer the following questions:

・How does the atmosphere-ocean-land system determine ΔSST on the whole Earth?

・Due to ΔSST, what kind of physical solutions will be chosen by climate modes and atmospheric systems that determine our daily weather?

・In a broad sense, how could ΔSST influence the physics, chemistry, and biology on the Earth and the human society?

I am widely interested in topics and methods related to these questions, but as a key for understanding ΔSST, I have an exceptional interest in investigating

・The factors that determine global SST in the current climate

・The roles of SST in the atmosphere-ocean-land systems and the modern human society

I believe it is good to ask scientific questions testable within my own research career, so I like studying ΔSST under global warming in this sense, too.

Short Bio: Tsubasa Kohyama (神山翼) started his career as a graduate student at the Department of Earth and Planetary Science, the University of Tokyo (東京大学), under the supervision of Dr. Tomoki Tozuka, and continued his study under the supervision of Dr. Dennis L. Hartmann at the Department of Atmospheric Science, University of Washington. After earning his doctorate, he moved back to the University of Tokyo and joined Hiroaki Miura's group as a postdoctoral researcher. Since April 2019, he has been serving as an assistant professor at the Department of Information Sciences, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo.

His research interests include large scale climate variability and change. In particular, he currently investigates sea surface temperature warming patterns of the tropical Pacific in response to global warming (Kohyama et al., 2017; Kohyama and Hartmann, 2017; Kohyama et al, submitted), which is expected to have tremendous influences on global weather and climate (Kohyama and Hartmann, 2016). He was also sub-advised by Dr. John M. Wallace for investigating the lunar gravitational atmospheric tide (Kohyama and Wallace, 2014, 2016).

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Photo: Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan