1717 Premier Grand Lodge is formed by 4 Lodon lodges.
1723 Anderson's Constitution -- Charges have no religious belief requirement.
1723.06.24 Innovation Regulation amended "without the consent of the Grand Lodge".
1756 Ahiman Rezon 1st edition.
1775 Preston writes correct "Innovation" Regulation.
1781 Preston falsifies "Innovation" Regulation, after his expulsion from the Grand Lodge.
1794.05.07 Robespierre Decree: "The French people recognize the existence of the Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul."
1813.12.27 UGLE is formed.
1815 Williams' Charges contain surreptitiously substituted religious belief requirement.
1815 UGLE Constitution introduces "free by birth" declaration.
1827 Sussex inserts Preston's "Innovation" corruption into the Constitution without the consent of the Grand Lodge.
1847.09.01 UGLE replaces "free by birth" and "free-born" by "a free man" in Constitution and Ritual. p.319 http://books.google.com/books?id=sfYDAAAAYAAJ
1848 GOdF declared "Freemasonry has for its principles the existence of Deity and the immortality of the soul."  Prior to that time, the Grand Orient had conformed to the English Constitutions of 1723, belief in God no being inserted into the English Constitution until 1815.  -- Coil
1855 GLC adopts UGLE Constitution Mutatis Mutandi.   (not really!)
1856 GLC puts "free by birth" back into Constitution, and introduces "free born" into the Constitution Regulations.
1858 Mackey publishes contrived list of 25 "Ancient Landmarks"
1877 GOdF "absolute liberty of conscience and the solidarity of humanity".
1980 GLCPO removes "free-born" from Constitution.  (but not "free by birth".)
1986 UGLE corrects "Innovation" corruption in Constitution and Ritual
2010 GLCPO leaders suppress facts about "Innovation" and "Free by birth" from the GL members.