Minute Fact: The Innovation Inversion

In 1723, the Grand Lodge resolved to amend General Regulation XXXIX, adding "That it is not in the Power of any Person, or Body of Men, to make any Alteration, or Innovation in the Body of Masonry without the Consent first obtained of the Annual Grand Lodge."

In 1775, William Preston’s Installation Ritual made the Master Elect promise to support the accurate regulation summary:

"No alteration or innovation in the body of Masonry shall be made without the consent of the Grand Lodge ...".

In 1781, Preston removed the words “without the consent of the Grand Lodge”, thereby inverting the meaning.

In 1827, Preston’s falsified regulation summary was inserted into the Constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England, by the Duke of Sussex.

In 1986, the United Grand Lodge of England corrected this serious corruption in its Constitution and Ritual.

Today, the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario retains Preston’s falsified text in its Constitution and Ritual, making each Lodge Master promise and swear a pernicious falsehood, before he is installed.

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