Scout of the Month

Congratulations to all:

October                 N. Moorman
September             A. Kelley
June                       D. Ramos
May                       C. Kakkalis
March                    Rebel Alliance(S. O'Flaherty, M. Nolau, C. Garry, D. Novak)
January                   M. Nolau

December               J. St Louis
September                Richie N.
July                          Jason R.
May                         Matthew R.
March                      Korey G.

October                  Richie N.
September              Nick G.
May                        Matthew R.
April                      Tommy N.
March                    Jason R.
February                Richie N. 
January                  Michael E. 

December              Danny N.
November              William S. 

Troop-68 Scouts, will be evaluated, considered and commended as “Scout of the Month” based upon the criteria listed below:

· All Scouts of Troop-68 will be eligible to earn this title.
· Nominations for consideration are to be presented and voted on only by Assistant Scout Masters present that month for each of their monthly meetings.
· Any one actively associated with T-68 Ex. (Church Minister, Scout, Parent, Committee Chair, Advancement Chair, Church Charter Rep, District Advisor, ECT.) may partition Scout’s for this title by notification to any T-68 Assistant Scout Master.
· The Scout Master of T-68 will irradiate any ties for this monthly title with his discretion.
· No one Scout may attain the title more than once in that Scouting year.
· The SM of T-68 will decide the level of reward/commendations to be received.
· Announcements for this accomplishment achieved will be heard at the following T-68 Meeting.

Nominees for the month:
Evaluation considerations: --------------------------------------------------------------- Y/N/% 

1. Attendance at meetings and campouts. (% Each)
2. Attendance at Connecticut Farms Church Food Pantry.
3. Attendance at special Scouting Events.
4. Behaves appropriately conforming regularly to the Scout Law.
5. Be-stows character recognition to other Scouts.
6. Buddies up for Safety and to share each other’s resources/abilities.
7. Commitment to T-68 Green Recycling program.
8. Commitment to T-68 Fundraising programs.
9. Commitment to T-68 Uniform Inspections.
10. Dedication to personal Rank Advancements.
11. Dedication to Merit Badge Advancements.
12. Dedication to Community Service Projects.
13. Educates other Scouts to Skills that he is proficient in.
14. Eager to ask others: How can I help?
15. Efficient in attaining goals. Sets goals with contingencies to attain them.
16. Frugal with resources.
17. Follows accepted and recognized Protocols.
18. Generous to give back and help to others.
19. Governs respectably and with perspective Ranks. (CHAIN OF COMAND)
20. Guarantee’s to do his best. “ON MY HONOR, I WILL DO MY BEST…”
21. Honors the Scout Oath always.
22. Humbly presents one self.
23. Honest to one’s self and others.
24. Is “Prepared”. “BE PREPARED” 
25. Initiates comradeship. “A Scout Is Friendly” 
26. Improvises, adapts and overcomes.
27. Justifies ones actions through sound morals. “Morally Straight”
28. Should this Scout be considered, with respect to what he as Scout oaths to be already?