Summer Camp Packing List

E - Essential, O - Optional, X - Not Allowed


Scout Uniform E
Class B Scout Shirt (troop t-shirt) E
Hat E
Sweatshirt/Sweater E
Underwear for a week E
Sleeping clothes (pajamas) E
Swim suit E
Towel E
Rangear/poncho Hiking boots or other closed-toe shoes E
Spare shoes or sneakers E
Long pants (required for some programs) E
Wristwatch O
Jacket O


Sleeping bag or blankets E
Sleeping pad (foam or self inflating) E
Bed sheet for hot evenings O
Pillow and pillow case O
Camp stool or folding chair O


Toothpaste and toothbrush E
Soap, shampoo, body wash E
Non-aerosol insect repellant E
Deodorant (non-aerosol) O
Comb, mirror, shaving needs O


Flashlight or headlamp E
Spare batteries E
Canteen or water bottle E
Personal first aid kit E
Compass/GPS unit (required for some programs and merit badges) E
Money for Trading Post O
Fishing gear (only barbless hook or hooks with barbs flattened) O
Flaying cards, magic card, chess, checkers, Frisbee, volleyball, etc. O
Book for free time O
Pocket knife (must have Totin’ Chip) O
Battery alarm clock O


Scout handbook E
Merit badge materials—DON’T FORGET PREREQUISITES E
Pencil of pen E
Notebook E
Merit Badge Cards E
Merit badge pamphlets O
Daypack to carry materials O


Sheath knives X
Electronic games or TVs X
Guns, bows, or firearms of any kind X
Fireworks X