How to work on a Merit Badge

If you want to work on a Merit Badge individually, your first step must be to ask the Troop 68 Advancement Chair for a Blue card.  The Advancement Chair will discuss with you the Merit Badge’s requirements, your interest in it and how it fits into your advancement plan.  If it is appropriate for you to work on the badge at this time, the Advancement Chair will give you a blue card that the Scoutmaster will provide you the signed and dated blue card you need to start out on the right foot.

  •  The Advancement Chair will prove you with a Merit Badge counselor for particular badge.
  • Obtain a recent copy of a Merit Badge requirement book from the Troop 68 Librarian or at one of the BSA supply locations
  • Contact the Merit Badge counselor before you begin. Failure to do this risks you’re doing things you don’t need to do or having to repeat work done by not fully understanding the Counselor’s expectations.
  • Have Merit Badge counselor sign your blue card when requirements are complete. (3 signatures)
  • Return the blue card signed by your MB Counselor to the Advancement Chair who will review it with you and the Scoutmaster will put the final signatures on the blue card. (Application and Applicant’s record).

The Advancement Chair will keep the Applicant’s Record part of the blue card will not be returned to you.  It is the most official record of your having earned the Merit Badge and you will need it to confirm the accuracy of your advancement records, a critical step for your eventual Eagle rank application.

If Council or The Troop plans to run a Merit Badge workshop during the Scouting Year, they will announce it at the Troop meetings so pay attention to announcements, both at the meetings and online on the Troop Website. Take advantage of Merit Badges courses and sign ups offered at troop meetings.  It is a great way to move forward on your Road to Eagle!

Link to Merit Badge Workbook: Citizenship in the Community