The Scoutmaster is in charge: At any Boy Scout event and campouts.

No sheath knives: Folding or multipurpose tool knives must be lockable and Scouts must have the Toten Chip card with them, to carry a knife.

No knives: Unless Scouts have earned the Tot N’ Chip card, which they must have it with them.

No Axe or saws: Unless Scouts have earned the Tot N’ Chip card. They must have it with them.  These tools must be used under adult supervision at all times and in an axe yard.

No rock throwing of any kind!

No firearms or ammunition.

No fireworks of any kind.

No drugs or alcoholic beverages: Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not allowed at any Boy Scout event or campouts.

No Smoking: Scouts are prohibited and parents are asked do it out of sight of the Scouts.

Scouts eat first on all campouts: Seconds will be given out after the adults take theirs.

No leaving the campsite: Without permission from the Scoutmaster or the Asst. Scoutmaster, especially between the quiet hours of 10 pm and not before 8 am.

Excessive noise: is not permitted after 10 pm and before 8 am.

No aerosol cans: In or around tents or campsites.

No Gadgets: That produce warmth including propane or white fuel lanterns, heaters, are prohibited in tents or Adirondacks shelters!

No sandals or Crocs: Hiking boots must be worn at all times in camp.

No one is allowed in anyone’s tent except your own, tents are for sleeping only.

No urinating: In or around the campsite!  That is what the outhouse is for!

No Radios: TV's, video games, cell phones, schoolbooks, palm pilots!

No food or drinks: Allowed in the tents.  Only in the dining area!

Stay out of other Troop’s campsite!

Remember the Buddy System at all times: Scouts will use the buddy system for all activities at camp.  The buddy system requires that scouts travel in at least groups of two.

No running: In or around the camp.

Campfires: Are allowed only when the Scouts have earned the Firemen Chit card and must have the card with them.  The fire must be confined to the established fire ring and under adult supervision at all times and will abide by the BSA Rules of Outdoor Fire Safety.

No Playing cards: and board games!

No playing in the lake: Scouts are not allowed in lake without approval from the scoutmaster and with adult supervision at all times.

Stay off the ice!

Remember: If you get up early in the morning, stay in your bed and don’t wake any one else up. (That means for both days)

No cutting of live trees: Any fallen wood found on the ground may be gathered for campfires and cookouts.

Scouts cannot sleep in tents with adults: No youth may stay in a tent even if it is his parent or legal guardian.

Adults are prohibited in Scouts tents: Especially if the Scouts are in the tents and even if it is his parent or legal guardian.

Two-deep leadership: Is required at all times and during all activities with the youth.

Have Fun!

For those Scouts and Scouters who are experienced campers these rules may seem self-evident or repetitive.  All rules and policies setup by The Boy Scouts of America are strictly enforced at all campouts and events.  The safety and welfare of the Scouts are always our main concern and should be yours too.  Therefore, if you see or hear any problems on any campout, please inform the Scoutmaster immediately.

Please be understanding and cooperative!
(Revised 7/22/16)