The Process

The Trail to Eagle

You are a Life Scout

Congratulations on having achieved the rank of Life Scout! You are now well along your goal to Eagle.

The Troop wants to make the rest of your journey as trouble-free as possible. The requirements for Eagle rank are listed below and come directly from the Eagle Scout Rank Application.

Requirement 1 - Be active in your troop, team, crew, or ship for a period of at least six months after you have achieved the rank of Life Scout.

Requirement 2 - Demonstrate that you live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life. List the names of individuals who know you personally and would be willing to provide a recommendation on your behalf.

Requirement 3 - Earn a total of 21 merit badges including 13 from the this list

            • Camping
            • Citizenship in the Community
            • Citizenship in the Nation
            • Citizenship in the World
            • Communication
            • Cooking
            • Lifesaving or Emergency Preparedness
            • Environmental Science or Sustainability
            • Family Life
            • First Aid
            • Personal Fitness
            • Personal Management
            • Swimming, Hiking, or Cycling

Requirement 4 - While a Life Scout, serve actively for a period of six months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility.

Requirement 5 - While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community. The project idea must be approved by your Scoutmaster and troop committee and by the council or district before you start. You must use the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook, No. 18-927, in meeting this requirement.

Requirement 6 - Attach to this application a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations during which you demonstrated leadership skills. Include honors and awards received during this service. Take part in a Scoutmaster conference with your unit leader.

All of the requirements stated here must be completed prior to your 18th birthday. This is a National BSA requirement, except in the case of disability. Your Eagle Scout Board of Review may be conducted after your 18th birthday, but all other requirements must be completed before then.

Candidate Administrative Process

When a Scout reaches Life rank:

    • Attends Eagles Nest meetings on a regular basis
    • Gets Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook (a.k.a.=Life to Eagle packet) from Troop web site
    • Requests full advancement record (from Advancement Chairperson)
    • Requests progress report from Advancement Chairperson (as necessary)
    • Candidate develops personal plan (uses official workbook – establish tasks & timeline)
    • Scout schedules & attends meeting with Advancement Chairperson, Merit Badge Coordinator & Scoutmaster to review progress & set goals & dates for Merit Badges & Eagle rank (purpose=understand remaining requirements) 20Mar2017
    • Becomes familiar with and follows Circle Ten requirements:
    • Service Project- more details in section below

The Steps for the Service Project

  • Select a project - Click on the links in the resource section, ask other Eagle Scouts, google it. Talk to non-profit organsiations that you have been involved with and see if they have a "to do" list that you could help with.
  • Select an Advisor for your project. This should be one of the Assistant Scoutmasters that you feel comfortable working with.
  • Once you select a project, you must get it approved by the Troop Committee. You must use the Life To Eagle packet in preparing this proposal and then you need to make your proposal to the committee. Talk to the Scout Master and agree upon a time to make the presentation.
  • After you get approval from the Troop, you must get District approval.
  • Execute your project. Remember that this is a project on leadership. You should be leading the project not doing the work. Enlist help from the other scouts and ask your friends and family.
  • After you have completed execution, you must complete your paperwork. All of this is documented in Eagle Scout Final Write Up. This will be followed by your Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review. When they are completed, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get final approval from National. During this time you can begin planning your Court of Honor. There are materials to help you here in Planning an Eagle Court of Honor and Examples of Eagle Court of Honor.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Procedures

After All Requirements are Complete

  • Writes up final documentation using checklist on Troop website (highly recommended by Committee to include workbook & all files in a folder that can be burned to CD or DVD that can be delivered to Scoutmasters for SMC, and members of BOR – see Eagle Coordinator for any issues with this)
  • Requests final advancement record (from Advancement Chairperson – full Individual History & NOT Summary – Troop uses Troopmaster/ScoutNet)
  • Completes Eagle Application using above with assistance from Advisor (make sure ALL info for Requirement 2 is complete & correct, the Telephone contact is a personal home/cell phone that can be used at the SMC/BOR, & Email address works)
  • Reviews application & full packet with Eagle Coordinator
  • Application from this point forward MUST follow Process of current District. Go to the District website - and follow that Process
  • Letters of Recommendation for requirement 2 (optional), if done must be sealed or sent directly to Eagle Coordinator, Committee Chairperson or Advancement Chairperson via eMail, will be destroyed per National BSA
  • Scoutmaster Conference (2 deep, any issue with requirements, leadership, Scout Spirit, maturity, uniform, behavior are addressed prior to signature & referral to Committee for BOR)
  • Scout schedules BOR via Eagle Coordinator to include Coordinator, Committee Chairperson, Advancement Chairperson, District Representative & up to 2 other Committee members at the discretion of Scout & Chairperson – (he should invite his Advisor to introduce him & answer questions in support if Board requests)
  • Scout provides the full packet (copy) to BOR members one week prior to the scheduled BOR
  • Board of Review:
    • Scout picks BOR members (see above, min. of 3, max. of 6)
    • Scout notifies all participants + Scoutmaster as to date, time & location
    • Scout must wear class A uniform (including Merit Badge sash)

After the Board of Review

  • After passing the BOR the Coordinator delivers materials to Council & Advancement Chairperson will be notified by Council. When National has approved the Scout can plan & schedule the Court of Honor)
  • Court of Honor:
    • Scout and family are responsible (with Troop assistance) - see Resource section for more information and ideas
  • See Eagle Kit Distribution Policy on Troop web site
  • Scout and family are responsible for 5 year NESA application, scarf (white or blue), slide & adult red/white/blue knot (Troop Treasurer will reimburse for cost)