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Committee Mtg Minutes (May 22, 2017)

posted May 29, 2017, 9:45 AM by James Jarmusch

Minutes of the Troop 27, 5/22/2017 Committee Meeting

Attendees; Russ Lynch, Marty Lynch, Tim O'Brian, Errol Labosky, Walt Tarr, Riley Horton, Rich Minicus, Peter Hamilton, Ken Trynosky, 

1. PLC Output:  
(A) Stem Camp Scout Comments; The scouts enjoyed the learning experience and the comment was that the merit badge operations were good. There will be another one scheduled in about 2 years. We learned that Peter likes big campfires.
(B) The senior Scout trip will be at Boda Borg. Check with with Aaron Jarmusch or Sean Lynch for details.
(C) Sikorsky was mentioned as a camping trip for the fall.

2, Memorial Day Parade: All scouts and Scout Leaders are invited to attend and march. Class A uniforms should be worn. We will meet at Concord Ave at 9:30 AM and the parade starts at 10:00 AM (oh, and we will get wet).

3. Summer Camp: Summer camp is at NoBeBoSco and is the third week;16-22 July. There are presently 7 scouts attending and there are sufficient adult volunteers to cover the week.

4. Casual Visits to Camp YawPaw: If you want to visit Camp Yawpaw there is now a procedure that you should follow. Generally you can go anytime when there is not a formal camping season for the Cub Scouts. You should call Linda at council at Extension 48 to get the combination to the lock at the gate. She will tell the camp ranger you are planning to be there. When you get there put a note on the windshield of your car giving your name and your troop affiliation and activity. It would also be appropriate the drop by the ranger's house and do a check-in. and tell him or his wife what you intend to do. This check-in has become necessary because of a large amount of trespassing, ATV's, and bicycles. There has been some vandalism as well. Yawpaw is a beautiful, and peaceful place to go to get away into nature, fish (catch and release), look at flowers, or just walk around.  Unless you are camping and have a permit, you are to be gone by dark.

5. Eagle sequence from Life Scout to Eagle: There has been some confusion and it would be helpful to the Scouts and also to the Scout parents. Riley will look for/generate a list that is simple for both the scout and his parents to understand. 

6. End of year Court of Honor: This will be held in the community hall on June 6 from 6:00 - 9:00 P.M. The Cub Scout end of year and welcoming barbecue will be held the same day from 4:00 to  6:00 P.M. They have asked for some Boy Scout participation to help them generate interest in scouting 
 by showing boys and parents the full range of scouting.

7. Placing Flags at the George Washington Memorial: We have been requested to help in placing flags on veteran's graves for Memorial day. If you would like to go, you can meet others at the administration building at the cemetery at 1:00 P.M. this Saturday, 6/27. The flags will be provided. You should bring a screwdriver to create a hole for the flag if the soil by the grave is hard. Bug spray and a cap are also recommended.  I can tell you that it is a sobering experience. 


Walt Tarr

Oct 5, 2015 - Committee Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 10, 2016, 11:11 AM by Troop 27   [ updated Sep 10, 2016, 11:11 AM ]

Agenda Items:

 1. Reschedule of the Turrell camping and fishing trip. I also want to teach the fishing merit badge.

  •  I would suggest that we reschedule to Oct. 16-18 as I am available and it is not too late to camp and fish. 
  • There is a Troop meeting on the 18th.
  • Walt to send availability schedule to Tim O'Brien


2. Reschedule Troop meeting with the Webelos to have it in the community hall.

  •  The 10/25 Troop meeting with the Webelos will now be on 10/18 so we can use the Rec. Building. 
  •  The Troop meeting originally scheduled for Oct. 18 will now be on Oct. 25
  •  Walt Tarr to bring wood for fire building lessons for the WEBELOS on 10/18.

3. Output from the PLC.  Members of the PLC checked the camping supplies and requested more propane be bought.  There was a lot of discussion on patrols and the make up of each patrol.  

4. West Point Football Game. Marty to check whether there is availability for more tickets.  

5. Discuss wreath and poinsettia sales effort and delivery. Any wreaths and Poinsettias left from the 11/29 delivery will be divided up among boy scout leaders for final        delivery.

  • Walt Tarr will take delivery of the poinsettias on Saturday morning 11/28. 
  • Permission will be required from Father Tom to sell in front of the church after masses.
  • James and Peter are needed to discuss the sales of poinsettias and sell at Starbucks and on which day.

6. Other Business as needed.  

  • There is a computer program called Scout Book that can be rented that has all the requirements for each rank advancement that can be implemented and can provide a record for the scouts. It can also be an easy way to track a scout's progress and help make sure he doesn't fall behind.
  • Jim Moran was authorized to follow up with a trial. 
  • Mr. Bassler has an application form to become an adult volunteer. He was given an application at the Court of Honor.
  • We had some discussion of succession  of Riley Horton as Scout Master and Walt Tarr as Committee Chair. There was some discussion of possible successors, but     no timing or final candidates were settled upon.


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Walt Tarr

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