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Säx (2004)

Säx marks my first attempt at a solo effort.  Recorded during Summer 2004 in Paul Riechman's closet studio, Säx was intended to be a compositional showcase, as well as an attempt at multi-track recording.  The result is a somewhat sloppy collection of eclectic quartet pieces of varying quality.  With a limited time to record and my limited experience, Säx isn't always a smooth listen, but it taught me some valuable lessons as a young composer.

Standout tracks include "Middle-Class White Kid Blues" and "Gospel Pop Sentiment."

The concept behind Säx is simple:  a one-man saxophone quartet (two altos, two tenors).

A neighborhood friend actually wore a white t-shirt that read "Säx:  Last Tour Ever" (written in elegant black Sharpie) to school one day.  I also advertised the album by having friends put "Säx is coming" in their AIM profiles.  Yep, that was back when people still used instant messenger.

Tracks from Säx may be available as FREE downloads soon... if I'm not too embarrassed to re-release them.

Rough draft for an (unused) album cover for Säx, (c) Tyler Cook, 2004-2012