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Electrock II: Space Rock (2007)

Electrock II:  Space Rock (2007) is a "semi-programmatic" collection of instrumental MIDI works about futuristic musicologist-astronauts traveling the Solar System collecting musical samples (turns out music in the future isn't much different).

Broadly speaking, EII:SR was conceived as a kind of "space rock symphony," although I'm sure classical music enthusiasts will eagerly and vehemently point out that there's very little symphonic about its form.  Some of the conventions of Electrock Music were carried over, such as the number of tracks, a bass-heavy piece, a "magnum opus" centerpiece, etc. I attempted to tie every song together with a loose, unwritten narrative (see above), leaving most of the details to the listener's imagination.

Unlike EM, which I dashed off in about a weekend, EII:SR took about eight months to complete, mainly because I didn't work on it steadily, but rather in large bursts.  I also experienced some technical difficulties recording MIDI tracks into Adobe Audition 1.5, a problem that is now moot due to a better understanding of recording technology and the purchase of a great little Peavey mixer.

I hosted a record release party for EII:SR, which was well-attended in my extremely small apartment, probably because I ordered a ton of pizza.  Attendees also walked away with free copies of the album, which I hope are still floating around out there (and occasionally earning a spin).

Invitation to the Electrock II:  Space Rock record release party.
Please do not send mail to the listed address, as I no longer live there.

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