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Electrock EP: The Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse (2012)

Electrock EP:  The Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse
 (2012) is 
an overwrought masterpiece.  Equal parts programmatic Biblical allegory and high-concept progressive metal/rock/electronica/dance-pop, Four Unicorns is a labor of love conceived in the summer of 2011.  While listening to the Scar Symmetry song "Biomachinery," I joked with my brother that they basically took two cool-sounding words, mashed them together, and made a song.  I sang "Cyborg Unicorn!" and we had a good laugh.

Then I got serious.

Four Unicorns essentially follows a musical story arc of decadence-decline-disaster-recovery, as envisioned both through the historical lens of the rise and fall of civilizations and the biblical lens of the Book of Revelation.  The first two songs reflect a generally decadent, good-times vibe (especially the unabashedly dance-y--and aptly titled--"Disco Unicorn").  "Zombie Unicorn," the third track and arguably the centerpiece of the entire work, is when all hell breaks loose.  Finally, "Future Unicorn" ends on a cautiously optimistic note, although the final coda--a reprise of the layered synth part that opens the EP--suggests that the cycle will repeat itself.  Oooh--eerie!

The de facto single, "Zombie Unicorn," was released a few hours before Halloween 2012.  "Cyborg Unicorn," the first track completed, is available as a bonus track with purchase of Electrock II:  Space Rock.  The full EP was released on Black Friday, 23 November 2012.

Track Order:
1.) Cyborg Unicorn - 6:11
2.) Disco Unicorn - 3:11
3.) Zombie Unicorn - 6:51
4.) Future Unicorn - 4:37

Ever wondered what a "Cyborg Unicorn" looks like?  Now you know.
Picture (c) 2012 by Miranda Severance, used with permission.