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Solo Work

Tyler possesses an impressive body of solo work, ranging from instrumental music to pop and rock songs.

Here is a partial list of Tyler's work (check out the Discography page for more info on individual projects):

- Contest Winner EP (2015)
    - Available here, and here.

    - "Neoclassical Bullcrap:  Baroque 'n' Roll (w/ Picardy Third)"
    - "Nah..."
    - "13 Seconds to Love (Ricky's Song)"

- with/for The Lovecrafts:
    - "Micah (Scrawny White Girl)"
    - "I Want to Live with You (All Night Long)"

- with/for other projects (The Tyler Cook Orchestra, Night Falcon, solo, etc.)
    - Electrock Music (2006)
    - Electrock EP:  The Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse (available 23 November 2012)
    - Electrock III:  Jesse the Hedgehog at Al's Robo Diner off Route 401 (working title; release date TBA)
    - "Online Girlfriend" (w/ Patrick Werner for The Tyler Cook Orchestra)
    - "Robot Woman" (for The Tyler Cook Orchestra)
    - "Natalie Portman" (for The TCO)
    - "Quasi-Date" (for Night Falcon)
    - "Contest Winner" (WINNER of the 2012 Artsville Songwriting Competition's People's Choice Award)
    - "Makin' Love in the USA (ODi's Song)" (written specifically to welcome Irish singer-songwriter ODi to the United States)
    - "Hipster Girl Next Door"