Short/Promotional Bio: Like a comedic rock 'n' roll typhoon, Tyler Cook comes crashing onto the scene with bombastic intensity (and some pretty good jokes). A legend in his own mind, Tyler combines the false bravado and delusions of grandeur of Jack Black with the gospel-drenched vocal styling of Meat Loaf. Known for such fan favorites as "Contest Winner" and "Hipster Girl Next Door," as well as his humorous mash-ups of classic 80s tunes, Tyler is perfect for small- and mid-size venues that want a fun, relaxed evening.

Full Bio: Tyler Cook, formerly of one-off super group The Tyler Cook Orchestra ("Online Girlfriend," "Robot Woman"), is the primary composer and arranger for Brass to the Future, as well as its lone woodwind player. Tyler has nearly fifteen years of experience as a saxophonist and fourteen as a composer, arranger, and bastardizer of classical musical. His musical influences range from Bach to Boston; Mozart to Meat Loaf; Richard Wagner to Jim Steinman; and on and on.

Tyler's earliest influences included Southern gospel, hymns, and other forms of church music. Throughout his musical life he has played in church. From late 2009 through 2010, Tyler played sax weekly at Elmwood Avenue Church of God in Columbia, South Carolina, staying true to his gospel roots.

Tyler has been a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) as a composer since December 21, 2009, after having his original holiday mash-up, "Christmas Crunch (Jingle Bells Funk)" performed at the Sumter Opera House. He has since registered a number of charts with the organization, including "Neoclassical Bullcrap" and "Nah...."

Tyler has played with Sumter, South Carolina-based pop-rock-jazz band Night Falcon; the USC Left Bank Big Band; the USC University Band; the USC Basketball Pep Band; the USC Marching Band; the Aiken Community Band (Aiken, South Carolina), the Elmwood Avenue Church of God Orchestra; the Woodlawn Christian Church Praise and Worship Band (Knoxville, Tennessee); The Tyler Cook Orchestra (Knoxville); electro-pop humor duo Blasphemy's Belt; and countless saxophone quartets, quintets, and sextets, including the long-lived Aiken High School group Casual Sax (alternatively known as Fifth Sax).

Tyler Cook is currently a member of Brass to the Future and The Lovecrafts. He also plays with up-and-coming supporting act White Girl Problems. Outside of pop/rock, Tyler plays in the Sumter Community Jazz Band.

Tyler also performs frequently as a solo act at various open mic nights in the Florence-Hartsville-Darlington, South Carolina area, where he has gained minor notoriety for his humorous medleys of popular music (check out his mash-ups of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on the Videos page).