The Dojo offers a wide variety of training aids to help the Karate student in their development.  
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Visit our store for a wide variety of training videos from basic karate, to kata, sparring training and self defense techniques
For more senior students and dojo heads Kyoshi Hargrove offers onsite training seminars in Karate, Kobudo, Iaido and more.In recent years our most popular seminars have been centered around Tuite and Aikijitsu of the traditional kata (forms). Frank Hargrove hosts THE ANNUAL NORTH AMERICAN SHORIN-RYU WINTER CAMP every winter. His name has become associated with quality Shorin-Ryu Karate-do training. More than 150 karate-do schools of training has grown from training at his Winter and Summer Camps. However Kyoshi Hargrove is best known as the fighter par excellent because of his extensive background in dojo and tournament fighting in Japan and North America. As a young fighter in San Fransico Frank Hargrove change the way tournament fighters fought with his mae-geri from the neko-ashi dachi. In kobudo he was train by the best of Okinawa, Nakazato & Matayoshi and the best Ryukyu Kobudo instructors in mainland Japan, Inoue & Sakagawa.