Summer Day Camp Program

Starts June 19

Make this a fun and learning summer! Our summer camp operates from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday with 2 Field Trips every week. One trip to go swimming and something different every Friday! We Bowl, Roller Skate, jump around at Laser Quest, games at the Arcade, see First Run New Movies and much, much more!!.

We also do Arts and Crafts on rainy days, too. We have two Karate Classes per day during the summer, making our program the best for your child. They will really learn the traditional martial arts in a safe and productive environment during the summer (as well as have a lot of fun playing here and going outside on field trips). All of our students dress in their Karate Uniform for all classes. We really put the emphasis on Discipline, Structure and Tradition. There are times to play, eat and learn just like at their regular school.

You will be able to roll over into our convenient After School Program with Transportation provided from your school or go into our traditional Karate Evening Classes at the end of summer.

Easily Increase Your Child’s Confidence… Self-Esteem… Athleticism… They’ll get Better Grades… They’ll learn how to defend themselves… Avoid Peer Pressure… How to Handle Bullies… And build life skills that will give them an “unfair advantage” for the rest of their life…

·                                 Weekly field trips and much more...

·                                 Martial Arts Training - Reach new skill levels/ belt level!!!

·                                 Anti-Bully / Self-Defense Instruction.

·                                 Leadership and Character Development Exercises.

·                                 Fun Activities - Sports, Bounce House, Reading Challenge, Music/Dance/Movement, Arts and Crafts, and Themed Weeks.

Dear Parent,

My name is Frank Hargrove, and I am the Karate Master at Karate @ The Dojo here in Newport News, Virginia. I've taught martial arts to many different people, and on a daily basis I've worked with kids of all ages and backgrounds. We have a LONG track record of helping parents, just like you, get incredible results from your children:

·                                 Handicapped children, and kids with other disabilities blew past barriers and saw new levels of success they never thought possible with our help...

·                                 ADD, ADHD, and other overactive children learned how to focus their energy and channel their attention on positive behaviors…

·                                 Overweight children of all ages have lost a few pounds… and gained tremendous amounts of self-esteem and self-confidence through the power of exercise and learning self-discipline...

·                                 Curious children, who were previously bored in school, learned to set higher goals for themselves and reach them…

·                                 Curious children, who were previously bored in school, learned to set higher goals for themselves and reach them…

·                                 Weekly field trips and much more...

·                                 Martial Arts Training - Reach new skill levels/ belt level!!!

·                                 Anti-Bully / Self-Defense Instruction.

·                                 Leadership and Character Development Exercises.

·                                 Fun Activities - Sports, Bounce House, Reading Challenge, Music/Dance/Movement, Arts and Crafts, and Themed Weeks.

Watch as your child becomes a natural leader!

1.                             We teach leadership skills because they are so important in life for two reasons:
Because leaders naturally succeed and advance at a pace faster than their peers, so it’s an extremely valuable life skill… and…

2.                             Because if your child naturally becomes the leader within his or her circle of friends you’ll NEVER have to worry about him/her making the wrong decisions, because they gave in to peer pressure or other negative influences!

Training your child how to become MORE independent and develop great leadership skills is one of them most important things we teach at Dojo Karate Summer Camp.

But that’s not all…

·                                 Watch as your child learns how to handle stress easily and positively (this too is another important life skill that will help your child become a high achiever in the years to come!)

·                                 Your child will learn effective, realistic self-defense skills, that could one day save his or her life (or the life of a loved one) in the future! We also stress discipline, responsibility, and self-control to make sure your child won’t misuse this knowledge).

·                                 Your child’s unique potential will be discovered, explored and developed to its maximum through personal attention by each of our qualified staff members.

·                                 Your child will become “bully proof” as we teach him/her to ‘think smart’ to stay out of bad situations, stand up for him/herself and only use physical force (martial arts) as a LAST resort...

·                                 We’ll teach your child effective goal setting, and success principles that make it easy for him/her to succeed in virtually any area of life (all high achievers in life utilize goal setting principles to succeed). We’ll teach your child this incredibly important life skill so he/she’ll be able to use it for the rest of his or her life!).

·                                 You’ll love how your child will have such a positive attitude and outlook in all areas of her life. We teach our students the absolute importance of having a positive mental attitude so they learn from their failures (without becoming disappointed or depressed, and quitting) and they grow even more from their successes.

·                                 Your child will learn the importance of sportsmanship, fair play and getting along with other people … even if they don’t like them (a great life skill to have when they get older and get a job … with a boss!).

·                                 Your child will be flat out pumped and excited to go to summer camp, there’s always something new and fun for them to do and it’s NEVER boring!

·                                 Plus Much, MUCH MORE!

What’s The Best Decision You Can Make For Your Child?

Look, as a parent myself, I understand what you’re going through.

And if each of us is REALLY honest with ourselves, we all FEEL like we could always be just a little better of a parent.

Maybe we just want to give them a little better life lesson… or help them more with their school work… or spend more quality time with our kids.

My point is this: For many reading this, your child or children are still young, and there are already things that you may wish you had done just a little bit more in providing for or raising them… You love your kids and care enough to be the best parent you can be.

What I’m offering you here today is the chance to never have to say, “I wish I had done…”

I want you to take this opportunity to give your child the best experience possible this summer…


OK! Got it! Now, what do I do next?

Simply pick up the phone and call our office right now at:

(757) 768-5786
… and ask for Sensei or a staff member. We’ll help you and your child plan for a great summer experience.

Listen To Your 'Gut' …

·                                 I’ve shown you how all of us here at Karate @ The Dojo have helped hundreds of children of every age, ability and background achieve success in various areas of their life…

·                                 I’ve revealed how the Dojo Karate Summer Camp will help your child succeed both now… and develop life skill success habits that will pay off in the future…

Plus, I've put ALL the risk in trying Dojo Karate Sports Summer Camp out squarely on MY shoulders … by giving you the chance to call and have any of your questions answered completely risk-free!

Now it’s up to you.

If you care at all about giving your child the summer vacation experience of their young life, I urge you to call the number below and find out how we can get started TODAY.

(757) 768-5786

Warm regards,
Frank Hargrove
, Hanshi

Grand Master - 9th Degree Black Belt

P.S. Special VIP discounts apply if you act RIGHT NOW!!

Learn more by calling (757) 768-5786.

P.P.S. WARNING: Because of the popularity of our Dojo Karate Sports Summer Camp we’ve usually sold out all spots WAY in advance! 

If you’re at all interested I’m urging you to call right away and reserve your child’s spot NOW. We’re sure to sell out again this year.

So please don’t delay, Call (757) 768-5786 today, right now in fact – while it’s still on your mind!

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