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The Kobudo program at THE DOJO teaches Ryukyu Kobudo. This traditional kobudo class emphasises proper technique, focus, concentration, and respect when using the weapons. Rank in Kobudo is separate from the Karate rank. Frank Hargrove teaches real koryu Ryukyu Kobudo that is used against the Japanese Samurai sword not the weak display kobudo taught by most karate school to display the Ryukyu Kobudo weapons. Each weapon is used to develop combat techniques against a swordsman who knows how to use the sword. This requires that every student also learn the shoden level of Muso Zenshin-Ryu Kenjitsu.



Shushi no kun

Shushi no kun sho

Shushi no kun dai

Sakugawa no kun

Sakugawa no kun sho

Sakugawa no kun dai

Nakazato no Sakugawa

Kubo no kun

Tokumine no kun


Nakazato No Towada No Sai Dai Ichi

Nakazato No Towada No Sai Dai Ni

Nakazato No Towada No Sai Dai San


Shorinkan No Tonfa Dai Ichi

Yaragawa No Tonfa

Matsu Higa No Tonfa

Hama Higa No Tonfa


Shorinkan No Nunchaku Dai Ichi

Shorinkan No Nunchaku Dai Ni


Shorinkan No Kama Dai Ichi

Shorinkan No Kama Dai Ni


Shorinkan No Eku Dai Ichi

Suken Sunekake
Monday-Thursday 8:00 PM Adult Kobudo
Friday 6:00 PM Junior Kobudo