Programs of Study
Blue Belt Program (12 month program)  two class per week.
The Blue Belt is our Basic Karate Program. It is taught to everyone from day one. Self Defense is an important part of our 
Basic Karate Program. The Children in our Basic Karate Program are taught self confidence and other life development skills
Black Belt Leadership Training Program (24 month program) three-four classes per week.
This is the center of our martial arts Belt Level Training Program. In this program of development student
progress on the road to Black Belt Skill. Th student travels the road of character development known in
Japan as Bushido. As a result of this path the student physical skills are horned to expert black belt level. 
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S.T.O.P  (Sure Tactics Of Protection) $298.00 lifetime access to self-defense class.
Intensive 8-Week Women's Self Defense Program taught exclusively by 
Grand Master Frank Hargrove
The S.T.O.P-Women Self Defense Program makes sense of the strikes, locks and grappling 
of self defense to help you to move beyond the notion of being a victim.  S.T.O.P. will give you 
the confidence and the skills to - 
STOP the aggression directed at YOU

IAIDO Private lessons four per month $200.00 per month or $75.00 per lesson

Iaido is the art of reacting to a surprise attack by counter attacking with a sword.  

Iaido is an authentic martial art that proved its martial values in a time of constant battle and 

warfare that was preserved and passed on directly from teacher to student over generations 

in an unbroken lineage for 450 years. Iaido-ka (one who trains in Iaido) developed the mind 

towards an ultimately peaceful, harmonious, and active state ready to react and deal with any life

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RYUKYU KOBUDO   $00.00 per month FREE with the Black Belt Leadership Program

 The Kobudo program at THE DOJO teaches Ryukyu Kobudo. This traditional kobudo class 
emphasizes proper technique, focus, concentration, and respect when using the weapons. 
Rank in Kobudo is separate from the Karate rank. Frank Hargrove teaches real koryu Ryukyu
Kobudo that is used against the Japanese Samurai sword not the weak display kobudo taught 
by most karate school to display the Ryukyu Kobudo weapons. Each weapon is used to develop
combat techniques against a swordman who knows how to use the sword. This requires that 
every student also learn the shoden level of Muso Zenshin-Ryu Kenjitsu.