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Karate-do is taught at THE DOJO. Karate-do is the ancient martial art of Okinawa.  The name Karate-Do means the "way of the empty hand" and is intended to express the skill and humility of the Karate practitioner. In particular Shorin-Ryu Karate-do  translates as the small forest way of the empty hand style, referring to the fighting arts developed at China's small forest temple or Shaolin Temple.  Our Karate has a deep history and every student that joins THE DOJO becomes a part of this rich lineage.

At THE DOJO, a Certified Black Belt Leadership Academy, we offer programs to meet the needs of students in today's world. Karate training is the ultimate self-development program. It's a perfect activity for everyone, children, teens and adults. Karate training has many benefits beyond self-defense:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Stress Relief
  • Weight Loss

  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Positive Self-Image
  • "I Can" Attitude

  • Self-Dicipline
  • Self-Control
  • Responsibility
  • Increased Attention Span

Our karate programs are tailored for each age group. 

Our children programs 

Lions  ages 8-12, 

Little Lions ages 6-8 yrs

Tiny Tiger ages 4 & 5 

are full featured programs that enables the child to get the most out of their karate experience. Our programs do not take short-cuts by leaving out material, nor do they present too much information for the student to retain. 

Our Teen and Adult programs provide great learning opportunities on both the individual level and on the group level.

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