Degrees & Certifications 


PhD in Education for Social Justice

University of San Diego, 2024 (expected)

Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry

University of New Orleans, 2014

Masters of Educational Leadership

Northern Arizona University, 2000

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Arizona State University, 1997

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Arizona State University, 1997


Arizona Department of Education 

    • Principal K-12
    • English 6-12
    • Special Education LD, ID, ED K-12
    • ESL K-12

Future Ready Schools Certificate 

EdTech Team, 2016 

Certificate of Educational Technologies

COETAIL SUNY Buffalo, 2013

Google Apps for Education 

American Heart Association CPR/First Aid Training

Memberships & Affiliations

Leader of NESA Member Schools since 2005; served on Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) 2014-2018

Academy of International School Heads

Member since 2016

Association for the Advancement of International Education

Member since 2019

Head of School at an ISS Managed School since 2018

Compassion Summit Co-Founder, 2016

Served on Digital Storytelling Network 2012-2017

COETAIL Graduate 2013; COETAIL Coach 2014 - 2018

Google EdTech& Future Ready Schools


from Colleagues...

A collection of poems written by ISG colleagues upon my departure; the collaborative work we engaged in across the system was phenomenal 

from Students...

Dear my lovely high school mentor,

I could start this off formally with the hello's and the how are you's, BUT I'm not gonna cause I'm too excited. I MISS  YOU. Like I really do, and I miss school so much I wish I could come back :( i'm loving it here though its so chill and my classes+my professors are great so its really cool how every things working out.  Hows everything with you? hows mia? hows school? ms. ness? the secretaries? i know the email lacks grammar and punctuation and it might get on your nerves but i was debating whether to email you tonight or tmw because im so tired and i wanna sleep but i decided to email you today cause now youre gonna get it and read it in your office during school hours and your gonna be like "Oh!" Anyway, i just wanted to check in and say hi and let you know that i miss you

Dear Mrs. Waudby

I hope you remember me. I am now at Fishburne Military School in Virginia and i am graduating this year so that is good news. My grades here are really good. i just wanted to thank you  for all the support and everything that you did for me. I would not have been where i am today if it was not for all of you .You , Mrs.Ness and Dr.Mitchell  believed in me and i thank you all for that . I will be back in Kuwait next week and i will come and visit for sure. again , thank you for everything.

Dear Ms. Waudby,

I hope this email finds you well.

I was watching a movie with my girlfriend and they show a scene of the principle and I remembered you. Next thing I realize I get notified on my phone on something you tweeted on Twitter. Long life indeed. I just wanted to touch base and say hi, it’s been awhile and you were never forgotten for all your time, efforts and care you have put towards us during our time in ASK which contributed significantly on who we are today. Thank you very much for everything and I hope you are doing very well.

from Parents...