Media & Communications

Annual Performance Reports

Annual Performance Report, the first of its kind for RVIS, summarizes new initiatives, programs and strategic goals.

Annual Performance Report summarizes MSA District Systems Reaccreditaiton and introduces new strategic goals.

Annual Performance Report Summarizes completion of Change Plan from 2014-2017. Tara designed and envisioned the Performance Report for ISG.

Virtual School

During Virtual School, we designed our 3Cs & and an F strategy: Communicate, Connect, Care & Fun. Knowing that community wellbeing and connection were as important as ongoing learning, we remained successfully connected with our community via various channels and ongoing events.

We launched our Virtual School portal in March and resources have grown to include a learning showcase.

Explore our YouTube channel & Virtual School Playlist for a myriad of video messages from Tara and her team.

A series of short lessons designed to provide additional support during Virtual School.

Ongoing updates to ensure our community remains informed and connected.

Graduation during COVID

Knowing how important graduation is to our families, and focusing on our promise of personalization, we hosted a spectacular, outdoor, socially distanced graduation that allowed our students to shine and honored their culmination of school.

GULF Daily news feature

The GDN highlighted RVIS Virtual School numerous times during COVID-19.

Wednesday Weekly

Created a schoolwide weekly communication that is shared across the leadership team, allowing the community to gain schoolwide news and receive less emails. In addition to news and info, it includes teacher, student and learning spotlights.

World Cafe

Implemented an annual World Cafe to create large scale community dialogue in service of our future focused vision. World Cafes allow for celebration, feedback and new ideas, allowing us to lead from the emerging future. Students, parents and staff come together annually to celebrate, reflect and plan forward.

In 2016, I envisioned and built ISG Learns, a website and blog. This dynamic site hosts all learning information within the district. Learning coaches assist with upkeep and building pages relevant to their coaching work.

The ISG Learns blog allows for coaches and teacher leaders to showcase their work across our district.