Tara Waudby

Educator & Poet


Tara believes compassion elevates innovation and that peace begins in schools.  She is committed to shifting educational paradigms and is co-founder of the Compassion Summit, a global movement committed to building a coalition of compassionate schools.  Her additional interests include futuring, positive psychology, fostering mission-driven schools, and using a systems approach to schooling.

A TCK herself, Tara began her teaching career in Phoenix, Arizona before moving into international education where she has spent 20+ years in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Taiwan serving in numerous leadership and teaching roles including Head of School, Assistant Superintendent for Learning, High School Principal, Assistant Principal, Professional Development Coordinator, ESL Coordinator and a teacher of special education, ESL and secondary English. Tara holds an MA in Educational Leadership, an MFA in Poetry, and two graduate certificates in educational technology and future-driven schooling.  She has volunteered for ISTE as the chair-elect of the Digital Storytelling Network, for NESA as a PDAC member and for COETAIL as a coach. Currently, she serves as the Middle School Principal at International School Basel.  She is also pursuing her PhD in Education for Social Justice through the University of San Diego.  

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Cannes, France 2019

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Bahrain, 2019

Our Family

Tara is the proud mother of Mia and Madison and the happy wife of Marcus.  

Marcus is an avid sportsman and enthusiast.  He enjoys all sports and has transferred his love to the rest of us.  He is particularly passionate about rugby and cricket, both of which he has played at national and international levels. Marcus has also played basketball and field hockey at the county level.  He has enjoyed success coaching numerous sports including rugby, basketball, cricket, volleyball, swimming, football and table tennis.  Marcus also enjoys entertaining and travel.  He loves to host sporting barbecues and is an excellent cook.  

Aside from education, Tara is passionate about writing and yoga.  She writes poetry and creative nonfiction and also dabbles in screenplay.  She loves yoga and other outdoor sports such as kayaking, hiking and rock climbing. Her perfect days include spending time outdoors as a family and with friends.  She is naturally creative and loves dreaming up innovative ideas, be it for work or home.

Mia is artistic, compassionate and athletic.  At the moment, her favorite pastime is creating as a Lego masterbuilder.  She also loves to run and play outdoors with her friends. Mia is a generous and kind big sister.  Her teacher calls her a sponge in the classroom and she surprises us daily with all her creative ideas and knowledge.

Madison is our charmer.  She talks nonstop and has amazing language skills.  She adores school and is an avid learner, full of imagination and joy.  Eager to smile and naturally sporty, she'll kick anything, including her Christmas pomelo, which she mistook for a soccer ball when she was a toddler.  She is naturally loving and thinks her big sister is the greatest person alive.  

Both girls are huge Netball enthusiasts and play weekly at the Bahrain Rugby Club.  As a family, we enjoy cooking, travel, leisurely walks and spending time with friends.  We split our time between Arizona, where Tara is from and Spalding, Marcus's hometown and where we own a home.  We also enjoy spending time at our summer home in Cyprus.  

We are a family who loves to laugh and we are always open to new experiences.