Tara Waudby

If you're going to be passionate about something,
be passionate about learning.

Compassion Elevates Innovation

I am a forward focused educator who believes in future-driven education and that fostering compassion inspires the innovation we need to move our schools forward.

Thank you for visiting this site, where I am happy to showcase my learning, passions and experiences.

I believe in collaboration and sharing, so please use any resources or ideas that you like, improve upon them and embark upon the work of shifting educational paradigms to improve student learning.

TEDx Youth Basel

Service is sexy. Compassion is not. Yet, in our service oriented world, what is the sustainable impact? Are we making a difference, and if not, why not? Explore how and why compassion should serve as the center of our service ethos.

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February 2020

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June 2016

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