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Coming Soon: In Motion

A personal project focused on leading for the future, leading with compassion and global co-creation.

Women Who Lead

Interview for Eduro Learning

Women Who Lead, 2020

Schools of Bahrain

Interview and School Spotlight

Bahrain TV, 2019

ISS Leadership Spotlight

Leadership Spotlight

ISS, 2019


COVID Briefing #43

April 2020

Hope for the Future: All That We Gain

ISS Newslinks

April 2020

Distance Increases
Our Connection

page 14, 16


COVID Briefing #80

July 3, 2020

The RVIS Community Playbook

The New Normal

Without My Last Place

The New Normal, Volume I, 2017

Two Worlds by Tara Waudby

The New Normal, Volume II, 2019

On A Wednesday Night

An anthology of poems by UNO Poets

"The House My Father Took"


"Arab Exile from Al-Ramla"


Consider Another Truth

Consider Another Truth began with my COETAIL journey in 2012, and for many years, blogging served as a means of continuous learning and reflection. It allowed me to become part of a learning network with access to real time ideas from talented colleagues. Just as I believe that we learn from one another in our buildings, so do I believe in sharing resources and talents across the globe. While this space has retired, it holds many of my philosophies and ideas.

Da Um Jeitinho (there is always a way) is a portfolio I created as part of my EdTech Team Future Ready Schools certificate.

Please Inside-Out This

MFA Thesis: a collection of poetry exploring truth and perception.
Completed in 2014 as part of my MFA degree in Poetry.

She’d seen something so plainly in this tiny toy that was fully invisible to her child,
two realities existing side by side.

Barbara Kingsolver, Flight Behavior