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Tara is, at heart, a creator. She engages in deep work to lead learning and change within schools and she is pleased to share her learning along the way. In addition to facilitating learning within the organization, she presents regularly at conferences and online.

The Leadership Cohort

Riffa Views International School

IGNITE Day 2020-2021

The Leadership Cohort is a yearlong certificate course for 8th, 9th and 10th graders. We are exploring and expanding our leadership skills with the goal to make a difference in our school, community and the world.

Please visit our site to learn more about our impact and our learning: bit.ly//rvisleads

Foster Compassion, Inspire Innovation

LEVEL 5, Bahrain

May 2021More info here

GRC Heads Huddle

November 2018

ISS EdLeaders Conference
Princeton, NJ

June 2018
Huddle 2018: Compassion Elevates Innovation

Futures Design & Scenario Planning

NESA Heads

June 2020


Grading & Reporting

ISS Webinar

April 2020

More info here

3 Cs & an F

LEVEL 5 TeachMeet

April 2020

IGNITE, Personalize, Impact: A Future-Driven Schedule

The Future of Education is Now Festival of Learning

Western Academy Beijing

November 2019

From Handbook to Playbook

GRC Heads Huddle

November 2019
Handbook to Playbook

What's most important: what we do or how and why we do it? Most staff handbooks are generic and can travel from school to school, but they don't define our unique schools. Shifting to a Playbook model forces us to think deeply about who we are and how & why we choose to focus on the things we do, thereby creating cohesion for our work. There's no recipe, but there is great reward. What will your next play be and how will you communicate it?

Imagining the Future

Keynote Speaker

Teachers of Young Children Annual Conference


Imagining the Future

“Your imagination becomes the preview of life’s coming attraction.” ~ Albert Einstein

The world is changing and the change in the past 30 years has been more rapid than that of the last 100 years. Schools are currently grappling with how best to prepare students for an uncertain world, and this can be exciting and scary. As we imagine the future of our youngest learners, do we know what we are preparing them for? What jobs will they hold? What skills will they need? What are our hopes for them? Though we often focus our change efforts in secondary schools, when we plan for the future, we should be planning for our youngest learners. Join today’s conversation as we explore learning, our hopes and fears for our students, and imagine the possibilities of tomorrow.

Vision & Values Into Practice

ISG Learns 2017

International Schools Group Annual District Conference

November 2017

Transforming Student Learning

ISG Learns 2016

International Schools Group Annual District Conference

November 2016

Organized a conference for 400+ educators that offered a myriad of sessions and provided cohesion amongst our district goals of literacy, technology integration and collaboration.


Scheduling for Collaborative School Culture

NESA Fall Leadership Conference



Scheduling for Collaborative School Culture

Are you a failure hypocrite?

ISG District Convocation

August 2016

Digital Storytelling Quests

ISTE Annual Conference
DSN Playground

June 2016

ISTE DSN Webinar


View a video of the original webinar here.

Get the Quest Planning Sheet here.

Google Presentation

Poetic Voices: Using Digital Storytelling to Visualize Narrative Poetry

ISTE Annual Conference
DSN Playground

June 2016

ISTE DSN Webinar


ISG Literacy Summit

November 2015

View a video of the original webinar here.

Google Presentation

Building Capstone Portfolios with Google Sites

Google Apps for Education Summit

Saudi Arabia 2015
In addition to presenting, I organized the Google Summit at ISG for educators throughout Saudi Arabia.
Google Presentation

Campfire, Cave, Watering Hole

ISG District Convocation

August 2015
Apologies for the broken link; we are seeking its new home

Measuring What Matters

NESA Fall Leadership Conference

Kathmandu, Nepal 2013

View conference program here.

Google Presentation

Google Will Expand Your Voice

Google Apps for Education Summit



View presentation handouts here.

View presentation brief here.

Google Presentation

Additional Presentations

Living Drama

NESA Spring Educators Conference

Athens, Greece 2007

Performance Poetry

NESA Spring Educators Conference

Bangkok Thailand 2006

Plan Your Year

Professional Educators Around Kuwait Conference

Kuwait 2006

Living the Writers Life

High School National Writing Conference

Kuwait 2006

Memoir Writing

Middle School National Writing Conference

Kuwait 2006

Facilitate Internal learning


Futures Planning

Future Search

Elevator Pitches

Monthly Strategic Meetings

Leadership Retreats & Schoolwide Leaders

Learner Agency Pathway

Compassion Committee


Shared Stories


Coaches Retreats

Leadership Retreats, Meetings & Workshops

Literacy Lead Teachers Training Days

Learning Team Think Tank

Systems Improvement Team

Facilitate Consultants & Cohorts

Coaching: Stephen BarkleyLiteracy: Emily DeLiddoMSIS: Erma AndersonC3: Fay GoreNGSS: Paul Andersen Digital Storytelling: Bernajean Porter Learning Commons: Jessica LevittOrganizational Improvement: Dr. Debra Webb


Understanding by Design

Curriculum Mapping

Developing Rubrics for Core Skills

Formative Assessment

Teaching in the Block Schedule

Homework Task Force

Collaborative Learning Committee