o-Systems Processes & Pathologies

Project Lead: Prof Len Troncale, Cal State, Pomona. (lentroncale.com)

Project Abstract: This project has two parts--Systems Processes & System Pathologies. The Systems Processes project (Part 1) will identify the hundred or so systems “processes” found in natural systems. We will identify, categorize and characterize these processes and document these in a Systems Processes Catalog, which can be used by systems engineers to understand the processes that can be brought to bear on different types of problems. By looking at natural systems and seeing how they address their situation and continue to thrive in their environment under adverse conditions, this will give us insights into how we can better develop man-made systems.

The System Pathologies project (Part 2) will strive to examine existing systems and their failure modes to identify a generalized set of system “pathologies.” A pathology is any deviation from a healthy or normal condition. It will use the branch of medical science that studies the causes and nature and effects of diseases as a methodology to reach its goal. When the pathologies are identified and characterized, they will then look at how natural systems have evolved to overcome these pathologies. These disease avoidance or recovery mechanisms will be cataloged to help the systems engineer design a system that is more tolerant of faults and failures.

Link to Private Website: http://web.me.com/lrconstantinofrancon/SPT_Website/