INCOSE is a member of the International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR). The IFSR, founded 1981, is a a non-profit, scientific and educational agency, constituted of member organizations from various countries. The overall purpose of the Federation is to advance cybernetic and systems research and systems applications and to serve the international systems community.

A workshop was held in April 2012 to discuss a "Common Language for Systems Praxis." Our report is below along with the report supplement (meeting notes & presentation charts).This paper is one of several reports from the 16th IFSR Conversation held in Linz, Austria in April 2012, event entitled “Systems and Science at Crossroads.” The full proceedings can be found at: http://www.ifsr.org/conversations-proceedings.

After the event, further development was done on a "Systems Praxis Framework," which can be found here: http://systemspraxis.org/

Another workshop was held in April 2018. This group was investigating the question “What is Systems Science?”. See their report below.