Workshop 2018 July

Systems Science Workshop

Held on Sunday, 8 July 2018, at the

INCOSE International Symposium in Washington, DC, USA

Workshop Leader: Gary Smith (see Bio below)

A group of people held a week long discussion session in Linz, Austria, in April 2018 at the IFSR Conversation. Topic what "What is Systems Science?" Purpose of the workshop at IS in July is a follow-up to the Linz meeting to further advance the program to better understand the nature of systems science and to identify the way that systems science should evolve to provide a better foundation for SE.

All the presentations & handouts for this workshop will be located here.


Workshop Aims: The purpose of workshop is:

    1. To present the background, structure and process of the work done in Linz.

    2. To evaluate a draft framework for characterizing the phenomena of systems.

    3. To further evolve the framework to serve as basis for a systems science research agenda.