Workshop 2016 January

The INCOSE International Workshop (IW) was held in LA on Sat-Tue, Jan 30 to Feb 2, 2016. Below are the topics addressed by the Systems Science Working Group at the INCOSE workshop.

The workshop presentations have been posted here.

SSWG Topics for IW16

1) Sun – Tue, Jan 31 – Feb 2, 0700-0800

a. Systems Thinking RoundTable (each morning)

b. Lead by Sue Gabriele & Gary Smith

c. Based on similar RoundTable sessions conducted at ISSS conferences

2) Sat, Jan 30, 1030-1800

a. Testing System Processes Theory Applicability (Len Troncale, 0.5 hr)

b. Two Systems Education Experiments (Len Troncale, 1 hr)

c. Systems Science Student Reports (Len Troncale, 4 hrs)

d. System Sustainability & ISSS 2016 Conference (John Kineman, 1 hr)

3) Sun, Jan 31, 0900-1800

a. Systems Literacy Project (Peter Tuddenham & Janet Singer, 4 hrs)

b. Relational Theory and Whole Systems Thinking (John Kineman, 2 hrs)

c. Natural Systems WG Status Report (Curt McNamara, 0.5 hr)

d. Complex Systems WG Status Report (Jimmie McEver, 0.5 hr)

4) Mon, Feb 1, 0900-1800

a. Navigating Branches of the Systemic Landscape (Smith & Allegro, 2 hrs)

b. Systems Transdisciplinarity (Jennifer Wilby, 1.0 hr)

c. "Is This System Still Fit For Purpose” (Jack Ring, 0.5 hr)

d. Systems Thinking for Conceptual Design (Narayana Mandaleeka, 2 hrs)

e. Systems Complexity Panel (Jimmie McEver and Janet Singer, 1.5 hrs)

5) Tue, Feb 2, 0800-1430

a. Warfield's Science of Generic Design and Structural Modeling (3 hours)

i. Structural Modeling History - Kevin Dye

ii. Current Structural Modeling Approach - Joseph Simpson

iii. The Future of Structural Modeling - Open Discussion

b. Agency & Causal Factors in Social Systems (Sue Gabriele, 2 hrs)