o-Unified Ontology of Science Systems

Project Lead: Jack Ring

Project Abstract: This project* will clarify the relationships among a) scientific method, b) systems, and c) systems engineering. Maps of the myriad concepts and labels involved will be prepared. Then formal ontologies will be developed which can be used to produce computer-aided versions of systems engineering. These ontologies will raise the level of language used in modeling systems and vetting both models and resulting system. This will improve SE productivity and innovation and increase affordable, operational systems of systems that are fit for purpose. Will integrate results from Unified Theory and System Pathologies projects and inform Better SE for INCOSE project.

* This project was formerly called "Unified Ontology of Science & Systems"

Planned Deliverables: Concept Maps protypes 3/15 and monthly thereafter. Midcourse correction at IS11. First User Versions 9/15. Ontology prototypes 4/15 and (tbd) thereafter. Executable ontology prototype 6/20 for review at IS11. Subsequent ontologies (tbd -- may require funding).

More information can be found at our project workspace.

See 2012 Progress Report here.