Parks are open-space areas set aside for recreational use. It can be in a natural, semi-natural state, or planted state. They are usually set aside for either human enjoyment or for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats. Some areas of especially outstanding natural beauty have been set aside as national parks to prevent their ever being spoiled by uncontrolled development.

Check out the following local, state, and federal parks and wildlife refuge areas near Summerton, S.C.

* Other smaller Clarendon County community parks include Walker Gamble, Davis Station, Smith Field, and J.C. Britton parks.

Formed in 1933 in conjunction with the federal Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) program, the State Park Service is administered by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism. While Cheraw State Park was the first park to be proposed in 1934, Myrtle Beach State Park became the first park to open in 1936. Within six years, the State of South Carolina and the CCC opened 17 state parks. Today there are 30 SC State Parks and several National Parks, Wildlife Refuge, and Forests.

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