Boating involves the use of a powerboat, sailboat, or man-powered vessels for recreational purposes. It is often associated with related sports activities, such as fishing or water skiing.

When you visit the historic Summerton area and nearby Lake Marion, you will find many waterways and wide open areas to take your boat, whether it be a canoe, kayak, jet ski, power boat, fishing boat, pontoon boat, or sail boat. Some of the many bodies of water to explore in this region include:

* Download Map of Santee-Cooper Lakes, i.e. Lake Marion & Lake Moultrie. Also, check out these Top Sailing, Navigation and Boating Apps

Polly's Landing & Marina, Summerton, SC

* Kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals are available in Santee Cooper Country.For example, Jet Skis are now for rent at Santee Lakes Campground and by Lake Marion Watersports.Pontoon boats can be rented at Carolina King or Lake Marion Resort & Marina.

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* Read about the Santee Cooper 'Pinopolis' Locks between Lake Moultrie and the Tail Race Canal which connects to the Cooper river that ultimately leads to Charleston, S.C.