Fishing can be defined as trying to catch fish for personal or commercial purposes. Various techniques are used to catch fish, whether it be for food or sport. Key fishing techniques include angling, spearfishing, netting, and trapping. The term is not normally applied to catching 'farmed fish'.

If you are a fisherman, Summerton, Santee, and Lake Marion are the place to be. Lake Marion is one of the foremost recreational fishing spots in the nation. Species of fish in the lake include a variety of bass, bream, crappie, and catfish. See Santee National Wildlife Refuge Brochure.

A number of major fishing tournaments take place on the lake every year. For example:

* Download Map of Santee-Cooper Lakes, i.e. Lake Marion & Lake Moultrie

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* Check out some of the local Fishing Guide Services in the Santee-Cooper Lake Country such as Capt. Jimmie's Santee Cooper Guide Service, Santee Catfish Guide, Santee Cajun Guide Service, or Santee KatDaddy. Also, consider trying out Blueway Adventure Kayak Fishing Tours.

** Also, check out some of the best Fishing Apps for your smartphone at ANGLR.Com