Summerton is a small town in rural South Carolina by the shores of beautiful Lake Marion. The town and the surrounding Santee Cooper Lake Country have become known as a wonderful place to vacation, raise a family, run a business - or retire to, when all is said and done. The deep spiritual commitment and sound family values of its people are reflected in the many churches and close-knit residential communities in Summerton and the surrounding area.

Summerton has become well known across the South for its offering of a wide range of outdoor recreational activities like camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, biking, boating, and golfing to its many visitors. It has become one of the better places to visit on the East coast for wildlife supporters and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

In addition to the outdoor activities and abundant wildlife, Summerton and the surrounding area are also known for its rich local history encompassing the early settlement of the area by Native American tribes such as the Catawba and Santee Indians, followed hundreds of years later by the some of the first European settlers.

The history of Summerton is also closely coupled with many other events such as the daring exploits of the 'Swamp Fox', Gen. Francis Marion, during the Revolutionary War; Gen. Potter's raid during the Civil War; key events leading up to school desegregation in the U.S.; construction of the Santee-Cooper canal and dams at the start of World War II; the creation of Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie, and much more.

Take some time to learn more about the town of Summerton and Historic Clarendon County by beautiful Lake Marion in South Carolina.

While Summerton still retains the feel of a small rustic town, it is slowly changing and benefiting from the creation of numerous new residential and business communities that are continuing to grow up around Summerton and beautiful Lake Marion. Vacationers and retirees continue to flock to the area in ever greater numbers.

Summerton---where the fish are jumpin' and livin' is easy.

Summerton, S.C. - "Strategies for Small Town Success": One of our major strengths lies in the abundance of opportunities for participating in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping, golfing, birding, hiking, biking, kayaking, and eco-tourism. It quickly becomes apparent that for outdoor enthusiasts and vacationers, and retirees this area may be one of the best places to visit or move to on the East coast.

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Map of Summerton, Lake Marion, and Clarendon County, S.C.