Life Events

Baptism (Christening)
Baptism (which is sometimes known by the colloquial term 'Christening') is the first stage of Christian initiation. Being Baptised is the way a person becomes a Christian, and part of the Church. It is not complete in itself, and should be followed by Confirmation, and receiving first Holy Communion. These three actions together form the complete process of initiation into the Christian faith. People can be Baptised at any age. Those over ten years of age follow a training course, and then receive all three parts of their initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Communion) together in a single service, at which the Bishop presides. Those under ten years old (including infants) receive only the first part of the initiation (Baptism), but have 'Godparents' appointed for them, who promise to guide the child towards completing his or her initiation later in life by receiving Confirmation and Communion.


Can I have my baby Baptised in your church?
Yes, you can. You will need to come and speak to us about your options, and to discuss dates. Please don't make any arrangements until you have spoken to us.

How do I arrange a Baptism?
Just come along to our church any Sunday morning at 10.30am and we will speak with you after the service about your options. You can use the contact information on this site to let us know you're coming, if you want, but you can also just turn up on the day!

Can I arrange a 'private' Baptism?
No. All Baptisms take place on a Sunday morning, during our main Sunday service. Baptism is a public act of joining the Christian family, and cannot be done secretly or privately. It is a great celebration, and others will want to be present to join in the event.

Is Baptism expensive?
No. Baptism is free. Of course, it costs us money to provide administration, baptismal candles, certificates, and so on, so we do hope that you will want to make a generous donation to help support the life and mission of our church. However, there are no actual fees for Baptism - it is free.

Can I arrange a Baptism for myself, now I am an adult?
Yes you can. There are no age limits on baptism. People are baptised every week throughout the Church of England, and they represent a broad range of ages. Whatever your age, please come and speak to us.


Christian Marriage is at the heart of our society, and your wedding day will register as one of the most significant days in your life. Our beautiful church building is a perfect location to get married. We are always happy to discuss wedding plans. Marriage is a God-given gift to us, and his house (the church) is the very best place for any wedding to take place.


Who can get married at St Gabriel's?
Anyone may apply. The Law has changed, and there are now many different qualifying connections which allow a person to get married in their chosen church. Even if none of the qualifying connections seems to fit your circumstances, there are other options open to you. We will discuss all of these with you in detail, and find the right way forward for you.

Can I get married in church if I am divorced?
In many cases the answer is 'no', unless your former spouse has since died. There are certain exceptions to this rule, and we will explain these exceptions on application. However, even if you cannot marry in church due to being divorced, we can still arrange a very special new wedding day for you, involving a short civil ceremony at the Registry Office, and a service of celebration (including commitment to your vows, and blessing of your rings) in church.

Do I have to get married on a Saturday?
No - we can arrange a wedding on any day of the week. However, you should be aware that we are unable to conduct weddings on certain religious festivals, including Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Day, or Christmas Day.

How do I arrange a wedding?
Use the contact details on this website to get in touch. We will be happy to meet with you and complete the very simple application form, and discuss dates and other options. Church is the proper and traditional place to get married, and we are expert at providing everything you need to have a wedding ceremony which you will always treasure, and never forget.


A funeral represents both a last public farewell and an opportunity to give thanks to God for having given life to someone we have loved. For Christians, funerals should take place in church. We are happy to hold funeral services or memorial services in church for anyone who has lived in North Acton or been connected with our church or community. You can choose to have a funeral in a crematorium, but you should be aware that local crematoria in London limit each service to 20 minutes maximum - it's a hymn, a prayer, and "time's up". By having a funeral or memorial service in church, those time restraints are lifted, and people can be free to remember peacefully, and to give thanks. We therefore strongly recommend that you tell your families and friends that you wish to have your funeral service in church.

The following are all available to you at St Gabriel's church:
  • Funeral service - to celebrate and to commend, at the end of a life
  • Memorial service - to remember and give thanks at a later date, after a funeral
  • Funeral requiem - a funeral service in the context of Holy Communion
  • Requiem low mass - a mass offered for the departed at a time other than the funeral
  • Reception of the body - the coffin can be received into church the night before the funeral
  • Office of commendation - a service of prayers prayed in church the day before a funeral
  • Funeral planning - we can record details of your wishes for your own funeral and keep them on file
  • Year's Mind - church members may be entered into this record, on their death, for annual anniversary remembrance
  • All Souls' Day - annually on 2nd November a requiem is offered for all the faithful departed

We are able to offer you advice on all aspects of funeral and memorial services, including music, printing of orders of service, readings, poems, and other ways of personalising the service. Please contact us for help.