Events Photo Gallery

Here we present some photographs of past events, which may be of interest to our visitors, and help to give a flavour of our church family.

November 2023:  Remembrance Sunday. As is our usual custom, we marked Remembrance Sunday with full ceremonial. The church was well attended for the occasion, with our Sunday School operating almost at full capacity due to the number of children. The two minutes' silence was observed at 11.00am. And after mass we served coffee and "poppy cakes".

October 2023A Vigil service (followed by reception and supper) for the Commandery of Aragon of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. Three Senior Chaplains of the Order are depicted with assisting servers. Several postulants underwent vigil, preparatory to be admitted to the Order the following week.

September 2022:  Pontifical High Mass for our Patronal Festival (St Gabriel's Day). During the mass our Bishop also administered the sacrament of Confirmation for seven candidates. This was the first visit to our church by our new Bishop since his appointment. We were delighted to welcome Bishop Lusa.

July 2022:  Solemn High Mass in progress at the high altar. The deep green colour of the vestments (decorated with gold orphreys) worn by the Priest, the Deacon, and the Subdeacon, is typical of the long summer period, when green is the liturgical colour of the season.

Christmas 2021:  At Christmas of 2021 we launched our own church hand gel. The little bottles are just right for a pocket or a handbag, and the contents are 70% alcohol to kill the Coronavirus. Packaged and blessed in our sacristy, these bottles provide protection, and a little bit of St Gabriel's in your pocket!

Advent 2021:  Purple vestments laid out ready for an Advent mass. Across the top of the vestment press are the birettas (liturgical hats) belonging to our priests. Each priest must remember to pick up his own biretta before processing from the vestry to whichever altar is assigned for the day's celebration of mass.

2021:  Every summer our parish relocates to Walsingham for one week. Led by our Cell of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham (SOLW) we take up residence at "England's Nazareth", the Shrine of Our Lady. Our parish priest, who is a Priest Associate of the Holy House (PAHH) leads our group, and we have a wonderful week of physical and spiritual relaxation and encounter. Contact our Cell Secretary (Major Matthew Christmas) for more details.

On Sunday 18 July 2021 we celebrated 90 years since the dedication and consecration of our current church building. It was a great party, with food, wine, and this amazing 90th birthday cake.

On Sunday 18 July 2021 we celebrated our Dedication Festival on the exact 90th anniversary of the consecration of our current church building. The picture shows members of the altar party at the Festival Sung Mass on a day of much celebration and partying for St Gabriel's folk.

LOCKDOWN 2021:  We are now (alas) completing our first year of being a church under lockdown. There have been times when we have been able to admit people to services, but others when this has not been possible. We have made many films, and broadcast a great many live-streamed liturgies over social media. This picture shows the altar party for CANDLEMAS 2021 after a wonderful sung mass and procession, joined by a large on-line congregation, but just a single cameraman in the church.

LOCKDOWN 2020:  "My Lord and my God". During the isolation of the Coronavirus lockdown, when the Vicar celebrated mass day by day alone, or accompanied only by members of his own household, a number of striking images were obtained from cameras placed in our various small side chapels. The liturgies were all filmed and edited, and can still be viewed on our YouTube channel.

LOCKDOWN 2020:  April 2020. During the heart of the Coronavirus lockdown the Vicar celebrates Sunday mass in the Chapel of St Francis of Assisi. The liturgies were all filmed and edited, and can still be viewed on our YouTube channel.

LOCKDOWN 2020:  Palm Sunday 2020. The most intense part of the Coronavirus lockdown coincided with Holy Week, the central week of the Christian year. Our parish priest led worship for Palm Sunday, and the whole of Holy Week, from the private chapel at his home. We are fortunate that the vicarage incorporates a chapel and a large garden for processions. The liturgies were all filmed and edited, and can still be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Epiphany 2020 - the Subdeacon is holding a bowl of newly blessed chalk for the faithful to take home.

Christ the King 2019 - a Pontifical High Mass celebrated by our Bishop, during which 10 members were Confirmed.

Our Parish Choir preparing for an "Afternoon Cream Tea with Music" event in October 2019.

Some vestments in our sacristy, in various liturgical colours.

Some of the diners at our Patronal Festival Dinner Party in September 2019.

Our Parish Priest posing with donkeys at the Summer Fair in July 2019.

Congratulations to our Parish Priest, Father Timothy, who celebrated 25 years as a priest on 29 June 2019.

At the parish war memorial, 11 November 2018, one hundred years after the end of the First World War.

Patronal Festival, September 2018. Guest preacher, the Rev'd Michael Scotchmer.

Choral Evensong and Benediction, September 2018. Guest preacher, the Rev'd Canon Andrew Stevens.

Parish pilgrimage to Walsingham, June 2018.

Patronal Festival, St Gabrieltide 2017. Guest preacher, John Burnapp (lay reader).

Baptism and Confirmation 2017, with the Bishop of Willesden.

The baptism and confirmation candidates with the Bishop.

Our Patronal Festival on 25 September 2016. The Vicar with our guest preacher (Fr Justin Parker) and the serving team.

Holy Cross Evensong & Benediction with members of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, September 2016.

Guest preacher, the Rev'd Malcolm Lane, JP, and assorted other clergy and servers.


Red Cross of Constantine Choral Evensong & Benediction, Holy Cross Day 2016:

The choir pose with the vicar (Fr Timothy), musical director (Robert Milner), and organist (Malcolm Scott).

Red Cross of Constantine Choral Evensong & Benediction, Holy Cross Day 2016:

The retiring procession forms up after Benediction, and awaits the singing of the National Anthem.

Red Cross of Constantine Choral Evensong & Benediction, Holy Cross Day 2016:

Clergy and Readers depart.

Red Cross of Constantine Choral Evensong & Benediction, Holy Cross Day 2016:

The final (clerical) section of the recession.

Red Cross of Constantine Choral Evensong & Benediction, Holy Cross Day 2016:  Members of the Order process the standards of Middlesex, Surrey, Metropolitan (London), and Thames (Oxfordshire, Berkshire, & Buckinghamshire) Divisions.

The Vicar (Fr Timothy) with Musical Director (Robert Milner) and serving team after Choral Evensong & Benediction on the Feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle, 3 July 2016.

David Carter was appointed as our Director of Music just after Easter 1966. On Sunday 3 April 2016 he celebrated fifty years in post. To mark the occasion David was admitted to the Order of St Mellitus, a very distinct honour reserved for those selected by the Bishop of London as having given exceptional service to the Church in London. David received his St Mellitus Medal from the Vicar, Fr Timothy, on behalf of the Bishop. David also received flowers, plants, cards, and a special cake made by Churchwarden Sandra Busby, featuring musical illustrations in the icing. David was appointed Director of Music by Fr Brian Horlock in 1966. Fr Brian was our Vicar from 1962 to 1968. We were all delighted that Fr Brian was able to make the journey back to North Acton to join us for the celebrations, accompanied by his wife Rosemary.

The Bishop of Fulham, the Rt Rev'd Jonathan Baker, visited the church on Sunday 12 April 2015 to preside, preach, and administer the sacraments of baptism and confirmation. Here he is with the altar party and Wardens.

Holy Cross Day 2014.  Bishop John Salt OGS was our guest preacher at Sung Evening Prayer.  He spoke of his own membership of the Freemasons, and of his life of faith.  He was not a member of the Red Cross of Constantine, but members of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine were also in attendance.

Fr Edward Dowland Owen, also pictured, had been preacher at the morning Sung Parish Mass.

The visit of our Bishop in May 2014.

Bishop Pete presided and preached as well as administering

baptism, confirmation, and the admission of a Sacristan.

The Vicar, Father Timothy, celebrating his name day mass on St Timothy's Day 2013.

The visit of Bishop Lindsay Urwin OGS in September 2012.

Bishop Lindsay presided and preached for our patronal festival.