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Please note that our Church Halls are permanently let Monday to Friday throughout the entire year.
We do NOT have any halls available for hire to third parties on ANY weekday.

Our address:

St Gabriel's Church, Noel Road, North Acton, London W3 0JD

The letterbox (for delivering letters) is located in the SIDE entrance on Balfour Road, and is clearly marked.

Email us:

Please note that we have NO STAFF - emails will be answered by the next available volunteer in our office.
Our office is closed for between 7-10 days after Christmas and after Easter each year.


020 8259 2138

Please note that we have NO STAFF - answerphone messages will be picked up by the next available volunteer in our office.
Our office is closed for between 7-10 days after Christmas and after Easter each year.

Public Transport to St Gabriel's

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Registers and Certificates

We are often contacted by people seeking replacement certificates of baptism, confirmation, or marriage. In most cases we are UNABLE to provide these certificates, as completed registers are NOT retained in churches, but are deposited in local archives and register offices.

We can help you with the following records: Baptisms since 1991, Marriages since 1983, Confirmations since 1952, and Banns of Marriage called since 1966. All other records are now depsoited at the records office.

If you require copies of register entries older than the dates shown above, then you will need

If you require access to historic records older than the dates shown above, or copies of entries in registers, you should contact the London Metropolitan Archives, quoting reference B02/074:

London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0HB  -  020 7332 3820

If someone has died...

We are very sorry if you have come here looking for help after someone close to you has died. We are able to support you through this difficult time, and can assist in planning and executing a funeral service.

You will need to make contact with a funeral director (undertaker) who will make all the practical and legal arrangements. Choosing the right funeral director is like anything else in the modern market place - you must be careful to find the right company, and avoid those of lower quality or poor reputation. We STRONGLY advise you NOT to use one of the national or international chains or groups, but to stick to a local independent company. There are many good funeral directors in our area, but also some very poor ones. We particularly recommend these local independent family-run firms, as efficient, trustworthy, and reliable:

We will be happy to comment further on any local funeral directors if you would like additional assistance in selecting the right company to look after your needs.